October 4, 2022

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20 thoughts on “Hoe Tails 7/21/2020 Oh they Were F…n ?

  1. Can we get brief backstories when we get hoetails? That will make the segment longer and help explain how some of these celebs even met each other cause I be shocked! Lol

  2. Ain’t J Cole Chinese Kitty baby daddy? I wonder when Will and Garcelle fucked; it must’ve been during the Bad Boys era cause he was a different level of gone then.

    1. Will & Garcelle probably happened during the filming of that awful “Wild Wild West”. She was in an opening scene with Will in a water tower.

    1. Yes meet the browns I wonder if that’s around the time it happened. That seems to be when a lot of affairs or one time flings happen between co-stars.

  3. Skin diamond the porn star?? I love Rick and I can’t blame any woman for sleeping with his fine ass😁

  4. Ok what does bow wow have going on to be getting all these chicks b/c his personality is annoying and he gives off azzhole vibes. Is he packing, what is it? i really want to know. Lol 🤔🤔

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