September 30, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Hot Takes 7/19/20

    1. This Tamar stuff starting to scare me. I wonder what she tried to take herself out with. Her unconsciousness not sitting right with me.

      1. I was thinking the same thing. It’s some underlying stuff going on with that

  1. It’s becoming concerning with Tamar and exactly what’s really going on. Mannnnnn Momeybagg Yo need to stay his ass off social media for a while and let it die down a little bit. The internet will forever be on top as the winner and y’all looking like y’all some liars about some things

  2. i am so concerned and mad that Tamar did this..

    So Justin was cheating on Jessica while she was pregnant…not that its any surprise but I understand why they kept it a secret

  3. You know nobody is really checking for Justin or Jessica for them to pull off a pregnancy 😂.

    Tristan is a hoe and so is Larsa. That lady always gave me the vibe of not only would she be a hoe, but also be the hoe that screws her “friends” men.

  4. C’mon Tamar, please wake up!!!

    So Larsa had all that mouth for Jordyn being kissed, meanwhile she was laying it low & spreading it wide for Tristan. I see all of the Kards have unfollowed her. But where’s the smoke for her???

  5. Umm Larsa one of the bitches that came strong at Jordyn 😒 come to find out she low key spreading it for Tristan foh! Tristan is just a a low down, dirty 🤡

    I pray that Tamar pulls through, I’m so concerned for her.

  6. Lawd Jessica needs to leave Justin
    Prayers for Tamar
    I thought Tristan was staying faithful to Khloe
    I still don’t think naya drowned but rip

  7. When did Larsa fck tristan before he was with Khloe? It dnt even matter it’s nasty.

    Hope tamar wakes up & makes a full recovery for herself and her son.

    What was it about this time though that made her say this is the last straw after all these years ??

  8. Ooh wee, this tea was hot! I heard the story about Larsa & TT and wondering Y it’s not bigger news but I guess with Ye off his meds, they got a lot going on.
    Who cares about JT & Jessica having a baby….we don’t and apparently nobody else does either.
    Prayers for Tamar. She said at the beginning of the quarantine that she was struggling.
    G, did I miss u talk about these rapes that occurred with Tamar? I keep hearing about them but don’t remember u discussing it. If I missed it, let me know

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