October 5, 2022

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20 thoughts on “What Role Kylie Jenner Plays In the Megan Thee Stallion Incident

  1. The thing is he be doing too much! And her personality is too friendly or something Cause girl you giving the wrong type of nuggas your attention. So what is you saying for him to feel some kind of way ! He gon get his feelings hurt. She betta get her story right

    1. That’s what I said why lead him on and bend over in front of him and all this if you not really interested. Playing games and shit. I’m overwhelmed by this it’s just too much going on. Too many stories. I forgot Tory use to date dream doll and they also got into it, but idk why. Did Tory date anybody else besides dream doll? Maybe he need to stop dating the same type and meg just stuck on stardom.

      1. All of this is to much! Shit everything that has happened during this pandemic is just to dam much!

    2. Meg is an Aquarius! People are just addicted to our energy and personalities. We’re hella down to earth and love making other people feel good about themselves oh and we flirt a lot even if we don’t have any intentions on being with u or like u.

  2. The lies keep turning and they keep pulling people in who really aren’t involved. They are digging a hole 🤦.

  3. How come there was a twitter post @‘ing Tory Lanez saying “count your f***ing days” 🤔Whew! The drama

    1. That’s juonthebeat he produced a couple of megs songs. He’s her friend too. He want the smoke wit tory. 😂

  4. I know a lot of black ppl love to hate the karjenners but why would they even think she had something to do with it ? All the reports I saw said they been left her house before the argument and shooting. Leave that girl alone she probably say that’s enough rappers in my house for a while. 😂😂

  5. A party in Hollywood Hills huh? So these celebrities have been partying, while they post and pretend they haven’t left their houses.

  6. In the video all 4 doors are open- Meg and Kelsey got out from the back seats.. Who was in the passenger seat???Maybe a 4th person fled the scene.

    1. I saw that too so was Tory the driver? Right where is the other person. I know they were drunk tripping.

  7. So does this mean Kylie could potentially have Covid. as well as Torey and everyone else she had encountered? what a shame

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