August 15, 2022

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31 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes : Megan Thee Stallion Says She Was Shot This is The Real

  1. YEP, Tasha said Tory shot her because Mehan did not want to mess with him anymore. But, I would rather say I got Covid-19 rather than I got shot in the foot and have all these rumors going around. They need to sit down somewhere, that is why I can’t take a vacay out to Cali because their numbers are skyrocketing, because they are not taking this serious. A big mess!!!

  2. This is all weird and the stories keep changing with her. TMZ stated meg never mentioned being a victim to the police but that she had cut her foot on glass. Yet she posted today she was shot. I would think a medical professional could determine a glass cut versus removing bullets or bullet fragments. If they did find a bullet wouldn’t they have to report it to police regardless if she did? She is lying

  3. This some bs. Why all the drama? This why u can’t mess with short men smfh. They always have a complex.

  4. Then meg make up stylist arguing with somebody. Then you got her friend mother saying meg done her daughter wrong and she’s plan on exposing something I’m confused.

  5. If she had been home sheltering in place during a pandemic, perhaps all this drama could have been avoided. Stay out these streets!

  6. I just watched the footage from tmz, and Megan is blurred out? Was she naked?
    and she most definitely is leaking blood. hmmmmmm…

  7. Woooowww I’m so disappointed in Meg. The more I read on her the more I’m starting to dislike her. Tory is a dope artist but why Meg? He’s so small and she’s the fucking Stallion you don’t go from trey to Tory he’s just so tiny I like that she doesn’t confirm anyone but she’s just hoping from dick to dick 🤦🏻‍♀️ Tory really? And yes that boy clearly has anger issues

    1. Chile, I just said the same thing, she is defiantly a thotianna in real life; before, during and after the fam. And he is extra extra. I like him, I used to really like him but now he’s Joe as shit. All these Jacksons and he chose to be Joe lol.. if he did shoot her, I don’t think he did so vindictively or purposely. I think he was tryna be all hype like G said and since he ain’t ganc, he ain’t know what he was doing what that damn gun. Stay off the gram and go to range.

  8. This is the Bold and the Beautiful 🤦. This girl has gotten caught in at least 3 lies since 8 am Eastern Standrard time. She shot, glass in the foot, rolled over by a rascal(not really, but you get it). Chile, just say you got the Covid. All of this extra foolishness will only lead to a bigger fall out in the end.

  9. Goddamn if even if it was an accident. I wouldn’t fuck with anyone who was an irresponsible gun happy ticking bomb.

  10. ok wow 😳 so they were messing with each other I nvr saw tht comin they were playing it off so good. I really thought they were just friends. Now that you confirmed that they were in fact messing around her statement was very cryptic. Them posts her friends put out there today sure did point the finger at Tory. Megs producer is hot wit tory he want the smoke.

    1. Then when Tory come out and say something that people don’t know they really gone be mad. Meg just picked the wrong nigga to mix with and he was on her ass lol the other guys left her ass alone, but opposites attract she big he small🤷🏾‍♀️He got feelings for her

  11. Tory is a goof ball. And we already know about his “complex” eww..why though? I hope he was breaking off some serious bread.

  12. I can’t say that i feel bad. Meg was and is supposed to be under quarantine like the rest of us.

  13. I forgot she was with money bagg yo that fast, he saw the signs and got tf even if it was a pr stunt.

  14. My guess is that’s it’s “cooler” for her to be shot with one of her guys than contracting covid. She has this hood girl song out & now she gets to rap about being a bad bitch who got shot because she’s a “hot girl.”

    I just hope Tory gets a handle on things so he doesn’t become the next Chris Brown in a sense.

  15. Off topic: Minos siring their label saying they were swindled out of millions.

    Rihanna pulling one of Giselle moves and dropping her skin care on July 31. That’s when black is king come out.

  16. I’m not trusting this “I got shot” story. It does sound very convenient to cover a need to be quarantined at home. And way more p.r. for her than being cut by broken glass and sure better p.r. than catching Covid because ya ass couldnt stay ya behind outta peoples faces, getting drunk and twerking every night

    1. LMAO the reason its not adding up is because it was MTS gun ! Say there really is a $$$ on MTS or TL , well regardless of who might have sent the hitters for she is in covid LA and the streets are desperate for any bag , now she party live on IG at KJ house , and show her location what she riding in who she with ( TL and her assistant ) the hitters were lurking in KJ livestream the entire time ? IDK but between when they left ALLEDGEDLY they were tailed by whoever and TL did erratic moves to shake the tail and MTS got agitated and once the tailers got in range SHE let shots off TL got spooked and sped away , there was a liquor bottle in the car that broke in the process , now the 3rd friend is in the back seat texting for a miracle , 911 was called on their own vehicle and LAPD caught them right in time ! So no shells at the arrest scene , no shells at KJ house , so somewhere in between there was a skirmish and MTS was mum about where they came from and where they were headed because LAPD IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED either ! But the broken glass cut her foot and she say she got shot because now there is a loaded firearm in the car with missing bullets ! IDK but unless there are entry holes INTO or EXIT the truck that mean one thing that the LAPD cant prove is when the gun was fired and who the gun was fired at . If TL was gonna kill MTS he would have to kill the friend too , TL has to take the heat because now he has to figure out street politics as to whether the tail was meant for himself or MTS !
      If they didnt dodge this time it literally could have been a BIG Pac TI CB/Robyn and XXX situation all rolled up into yet another tragedy SMDH ! ALLEDGEDLY .

      1. Damn I think I need your help figuring out some shit in my life! Lol. That actually sounds kinda good because I swear the whole situation is weird.

  17. Torey definitely has a Napoleon complex and I think he may have hurt Meg but not on purpose. I’m sure he he saw people clowning him for being 5’3.

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