October 3, 2022

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36 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes : Why Did Al B Sure wait Until Now To Call Kim Porter’s Death a Murder?

  1. This isn’t the first post he’s done questioning what happened to her. He’s been posting stuff like this since the beginning.

  2. This is so sad. I dont know who is more sickening him or Mr. Carter. I have that book “Dancing with the Devil” that told me a whole lot about P the Dragon.

  3. I was skeptical from the beginning too and off top thought Diddy had something to do with her passing.. I feel bad for Al b sure

  4. I believe PD was heavily involved, he exudes insecurity… but what grown person films themselves crying??? Like what are you proving and to who. It seems strange to me

      1. Cuz he knows something we don’t. I look at everything subliminal when it comes down to these celebrities. Diddy was close to Andre too.

  5. Pd is a dirty bastard. I believe he def had something to do with it. U gotta be real evil to look your kids in the face after what you did to their mom over the years

    1. IDK is it true PD Jr ALLEGEDLY did something shady and told them ppl do yall know who my dad is ? Them ppl said yeah we know PD Sr and lo and behold KP just mysteriously happened , notice PD Sr main girl got a clean breakup away out the way from PD Sr with a new baby new husband ? PD Jr side chick was PD Sr new girl SMDH !

    1. No, it’s not that. He was talking before Diddy was under house arrest. People haven’t been paying attention. But I did talked to him.

  6. Diddy is a serial killer!! He Will sacrifice a soul every tenth year. Watch out Al & Lauren. One of you msy be next

    1. Well in that the case he would have sacrifice Quincy, TyAnna, and CJ. What is stopping Diddy from doing that is an old Jamaican lady.

    2. SMH be serious what old jamaican lady do you know the best , mother of the legendary ( late ) MC ?

  7. Where are the pics ? He’s such a wicked wicked man. I wonder if he’ll try to do something to Al. Too.

    1. Then that mean Quincy gotta take him out🤷🏾‍♀️. In all seriousness Diddy is messed up and wild I never liked him.

  8. Every other month Diddy was up on social media constantly professing his love for Kim after she died. Probably more than he did when she was alive. Diddy hasn’t been right since then. Before pandemic hit, he looked old and haggardly. The guilt is/was kicking his behind.

  9. @DaRadiant1 so do u mind sharing why is Diddy on house arrest? Is it part of the Human/child traffickers too?


    1. That’s what I’m hearing. A whole bunch of celebrities have been indicted and are under house arrest according to the rumors..Ellen D, Ms O, The Hanks, etc.

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