October 4, 2022

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34 thoughts on “Nothing But The Truth Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion

    1. why can’t she just say she has it ? Lots of celebrities announced that they contracted it what’s the big deal ? Was she advised against it by her team ? Is it because of who she was around beforehand so she doesn’t want to get negative backlash? I know Kylie feels so dumb for having all those people over her house I hope she doesn’t have it for stormi’s sake.

    2. LMAO if MTS and TL were in entanglement this entire summer and now SHE has covid ? LOL That is like a public announcement of an STD , who caught covid from whom ? IDK but do you believe that was really MTS firearm , that would mean she definitely owe TL a solid in the future SMDH !

    3. Right!!.. I’ve been reading a lot of these stories and kind of compare them to some of the the old original stories from the beginning of ncase and the stories in the beginning were more juicer and detailed, now it just seems to just tell us anything. This story doesn’t add up, COVID and Tory and shooting and both of her feet and the rise and shine girl … seems like bullcrab to me or covering the actual truth … but hey, whatever works. The writing and the story telling don’t seem like the original homegirl.

  1. What does that have to do with her bring injured & going to hospital? COVID a coverup ? They said they got into an incident….

  2. So let me clarify, Tory and Megan were in the car together, the only reason Megan was mentioned and is said to have went to the hospital, is to lay low and recover from COVID without questions asked?

  3. She’s definitely been partying almost since this began so who’s really shocked about this?

  4. Megan spends the majority of her time partying and drinking. I’m not surprised she contracted C-19. Is she learning anything in school? Is she still in school? Why is she embarrassed she got C-19? Is there another cover-up the don’t want us to know about? This don’t make sense.

    Tory is a simp and comes off corny. He doesn’t gives me good vibes at all.

    Why isn’t anyone reporting that Kylie was around all this as well? SMH..

  5. I am confusion. What incident? I definitely missed that, I don’t really keep up with Meg nor Tory

  6. Meggie…. 😔😔😔😔 get better my meggie…. but on another note…. DAMN YOU THE TRUTH👏🏿👏🏿‼️‼️ Like as soon as you broke the news, I started seeing all the posts bout her n Tory…. n all I can think of is “this is just a cover up for the truth, bae got COVID 🥺🥺

  7. Maybe when she went to the hospital they tested her for Covid? Jay z and them gonna have a talk with her soon about the company she keeps i can see it happening already.

    If she admitted to having covid everyone would blame it on her partying so i think she just doesn’t want backlash. Who knows lol im just guessing

  8. I thought you were gonna say something about MK or something. She needs to hide her diagnosis? The same one that people more famous than her have made public?

  9. She isn’t going to announce it because she hasn’t been social distancing lol. She was just around Kylie and other people so that means they would have to get tested too.

  10. She stupid and so is her team. Why she shame she caught the Covid? Could it be because she been irresponsible since this mess has started. Just take the L like all the other folks out here. So answer me this? You don’t know what side of Covid you are going to get, mild or severe near death, what if she gets the severity? What will her team say then? Just come clean… Jeez.

    1. I hope she caught it in its early stages. I’m not sure how this virus goes. If she was still out partying and stuff she surely didn’t know she had it which means she was asymptomatic. Some people can tell cause they lose their sense of smell and taste. It was very irresponsible of her to not be taking precautions knowing covid is still out here. I don’t even know if I’ve ever seen her in a mask. Excuse me if I’m wrong. Hopefully she recovers and takes it seriously for the remainder of this thing.

      1. With Covid there really isn’t a “early stage”. If she is going to turn for the worse she just will 🤷. That is what people don’t seem to get with this virus. You don’t know how you will be until you get it. It is a flip of the coin. You either asymptomatic/mild or severe. And even if you “recover” you still may have side effects/symptoms. The best bet is to just not get it.

      2. Yea that’s what I meant by early stages she was asymptotic I’m guessing since she didn’t realize she had it.

  11. Uhmmmm she said there was a crime and bullet fragments were being removed from her foot.

    1. Yes is this what y’all meant about the cover story for her having covid? Why switch it up and say she got shot though that’s so extreme. I’d rather them have kept it at the minor glass in the foot. Depending on how severe they’re tryna say the gunshot wounds are and where they are. Ig they’re tryna see how long she’ll be dwn recovering frm the virus if that’s what it’s still about. This shit is confusing. Now they tryna say Tory shot her. Or they’re mad at him for putting her in harms way. Is that another part of the cover up ? He’s supposed to take the fall ? For having her around the incident that “allegedly” got her shot ?

    1. And megs old make up artist said something cryptic about her selling her soul don’t cry now.

      Then kelsey megs bf mom said something about her suffering in silence and being too good of a friend to meg and the only real one that’s always there for her or something. She said she’s about to speak. This is getting weird.

      1. And Kelsey mom said she’s going to start exposing stuff. The old make up artist Jonathan and idk the other person going back and fourth. It’s too damn much. They should have kept it at the glass because now people coming at Tory.

  12. Soooo noooowww Meg has been shot. Chillllleeee these people are SPINNING this to avoid saying this girl got Covid 🤦.

  13. They going to major extremes just cover this up smh makes no sense to me. We will stay tune for this

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