September 30, 2022

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25 thoughts on “Exclusive!!! Cardi B Tea

  1. Oooouuu now that’s different! I would tune in for an episode or two if she were on the panel 😍

  2. No shade to Cardi but I can’t really see it. What I can see is her making
    news headlines since she likes to share her views on serious topics sometimes. That’s guaranteed to be a little controversial.

  3. I wonder if her and Adrienne would clash or link up in the name of being Latina? Lol Adrienne gives me the vibes of someone who wants to be the only Latina. Plus Loni wants to be the biggest star on the panel so I see her getting jealous. But interesting.

  4. I could totally see her doing it..she has such a ratchet/Lucille ball/nanny phine personality it could work… Loni would probably be annoyed by her tho lol

  5. Listennnnnnn I didn’t even know people was still watching them ! Honestly once Tamar left I never bothered to get back into it plus I work I’ll never catch a D episode

    1. We are on the same page. I hope I’m wrong but it seems like her and Adam going through something. It could also be the other ladies as well.

      1. It happened so early in his career too. He looks out of it like he’s on k2 or something.

  6. I don’t watch the show but from what I’ve read and heard over the years is that Tamera is boring. I don’t think Cardi is suitable for day time TV. If she didn’t have the range to keep up a a rapstar then you can’t convince me she’ll have the ability to do this.

  7. No more music released. Lol.

    If she gets on that show it will be hers in a quickness! The rest of the cast should start going on auditions now to prepare. Cardi won’t need the rest of them to make the show a hit.

  8. LMAO Daytime Zoom TV is the safest drama free option for her right now , dropping an album in this climate would honestly be a waste , she is still a 360 artist and the the fact that she asking for masters seems like she is angling for an exit from her contract situation !

    IDK but it seems like the 3 amigos are trying to divest from QC , bodies are dropping and they dont look cohesive anymore , therefore Cardigan is riding with her man , would he is side with his brothers over his own wife after he put her on his solo album cover ? She literally tore up multiple NYC events over him SMDH ! This might also be the reason Sweety cant get a hit right now because QC still controls all the hot producers , but is she gonna stay loyal to her man if her own album doesnt TAKE OFF soon LOL !

    IDK why would Cardigan collab with MTS right now , if MTS is was still cool with the Baddie sisters and Cardigan still cant stand them SMDH !

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