October 4, 2022

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21 thoughts on “Guess who Kylie Jenner was kickin it with Over The Weekend?

  1. I thought Christian was still seeing ol girl. I guess this is hollywood, things don’t last long. Those two would definitely have the blogs poppin if they end up being an official couple. I wonder what his dad had to do with this, since the K’s are his people too.

    1. Chileeee & him & breah been together for years. She find out Kylie might be taking her place she gon go crazy. She dnt play bout her lil Christian. 😂

    2. I honestly find her boring. Ive been waiting on her glow up for a while and just nothing! I would love to see him and Kylie together

  2. Them elites said they tired of the regular chick he was with and he need someone in the game like how Quincy did lol how ironic though his dad smashed her mom, his brother smashed her sister. Oooo Chile

  3. Chileee that’s a mess they all need to get tested. And Kylie has a child she should be more careful. I understand it’s summer and ppl want to have fun but this shit is still out here.

  4. This is HOT TEA SIS!!!!!! I think they would be a bomb ass couple. Two very well known families and bosses BUT I like that Christian has been with his girl for years and the fact that Kylie is a mom. I’m not feeling it Christian doesn’t seem very step daddy to me. I wish they would have pushed this before she had a kid. Imagine them having a baby, damn near royalty lol

    1. Yeah I agree. Christian is not Diddy and a lot of our dads who took care of children that’s not theirs. I noticed a lot of people these days want their own.

  5. You know…. I ain’t gon lie, they make a cute couple 🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️🥰🥰


  6. This some crazy shit if he still with ol girl !!! Mannnnnnnnnnnn these men will never learn !

  7. This an industry pushed relationship? With her mom and Diddy being who he is I wouldn’t be surprised…I see a lot of evilness in his picture since his mom died. Giselle deactivates will this be the new “power couple”?

  8. Honestly Kylie has been with older men. It would be weird to see her with someone her age. Lol I remember her and Jayden and thought they were cute and going to be pushed out but her comes Tyga and now lil Kylie is BIG Kylie. I think Kylie will get bored and do something to leave.

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