October 4, 2022

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31 thoughts on “Exclusive Meg Thee Stallion Cancels all Upcoming Projects Due To…

  1. Well it’s not shocking. She been doing too much in public with all these tiktok and if videos and even an actual video. Sit down by yourself when there is a pandemic going on smh.

  2. Well damn! But yeah she has been out and about.. Either way I hope she’s okay and takes care of herself snd realizes this is not a game.

  3. i was wondering why all these celebrities were chilling like they’re immune. i hope everything works out

  4. All that party and twerking. I’m just waiting to see who Will make it as Queen of rap. Not a cardi fan, but this chick makes me like cardi. She seems annoying.

    1. Right we knew where Cardi was coming from before she was on love and hip hop, but meg wth are you doing boo. Even Carl Crawford new artist said it’s lame to be rubbing elbows with everyone and I agree.

    2. Nicki is the queen of rap and that’s not changing at all. Even when she retires. Michael didn’t stop being the king of pop because he died

  5. Well WTH did she think would happen lol. Meg has been around quiet a few different ppl during this pandemic. Little gatherings and stuff. She doesn’t know where those people have been because I am sure they aren’t all staying with her. That means that dude and that chic that were in the pool with the other day probably have it. And here it was the other day it was said here(on the blog) allegedly she and Cardi filmed a video this weekend. And I sure said was it a social distance video lol. That means if That really happened Cardi was exposed and went back and exposed other people. This why the numbers won’t go down 🤦🤦.

  6. No surprise she was constantly hanging out with other people and not quarantining. Should’ve been following guidelines! Now since she was hanging out with kylie and Kylie has stormi at home, I hope she didn’t catch it. Anybody that hangs around Meg that has kids I hope they didn’t catch It 💯

  7. 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩 NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺💔💔💔💔💔💔

  8. Damn she was around multiple people no telling where she could’ve contracted it. Hopefully she caught it at it’s early stages and she’ll be ok. And whoever else she was around gets tested and will be too. This is not a hot girl summer I don’t understand why ppl think it’s a game.

  9. Damn I hope she ain’t pass it Kylie cus she has stormi but Meg been around everyone and not quarantined…. I am actually on my last day of my 14 day quarantine and I think she will be fine a lot of these new cases are super mild.

  10. This is not the time to be around any and everybody. Ain’t no telling where she got it from or how many people she infected. This is why I’m glad I’m an introvert.

  11. She was at Kylie house with Tory, and knowing Kylie she has a lot of people coming in and out of her house on top of having a child. They all need to get tested. Tbh I don’t feel bad, it seems like she been everywhere and ik symptoms and be diverse when contracted. If she knew she had symptoms for her to keep going out is very selfish 🙃

  12. Why wouldn’t she just say she has it tho? You’d say you got shot instead of saying you have covid? Nah… I don’t buy that.

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