October 4, 2022

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43 thoughts on “What The Industry Does Not want You To Know About Naya Rivera

  1. This is so sad. I was in the same room as her once like 7-8 years ago. She was with Lea Michele, who is an ugly shit human btw. Anyway, she seemed like someone who was caught up in the mess, can easily come off wrong, but didn’t really want to behave like everyone else. Atleast thats how I read it in the moment. Anytime I read stuff about industry hits I think of the show Ray Donovan.

  2. I saw that video on ig today and felt disturbed I had no idea she had been in Hollywood since a child. After I saw this there is no doubt in my mind she was abused. We know how Hollywood operates. That poor girl, a lot makes sense now.

  3. This is so sad smh…so so sad!! And Larenze Tate was Redd Fox grandson??? Like in real life?? I never knew that! Soon as Hall ask her that marriage question I’m like 🤔

      1. I have no doubt that there is a very strong chance that Naya was abused every way possible.
        I don’t believe it was a hit by a human. When you are traumatized, you conjure demons. The longer you hold on to the trauma the stronger IT becomes.
        So, I believe it was a hit specifically from demons.
        The energy. The aura. The vibe just ATTRACTS gloom and doom.
        This is what I believe happened to Kobe. The negative and evil spirits and energy was looking for a victim and found one.

  4. I didn’t even know Naya was a child star until all this took place. No wonder she suffered from so much *bipolar, depression, etc.* she was broken 💔

  5. Wow! I remember that show…Wtf Red Foxx old ass was kissing on her, do inappropriate. No doubt from this footage alone she definitely was abused smdh

  6. Smhhhh this is insanity !!!! I’m not surprised by any of it, the sickening thing about it all is that I believe this was a hit as soon as they talked about the son being back on the boat and she’s no where to be found.

    1. This is so so so sad. I think this was an industry hit too. The only thing that gets me is that they haven’t found her body. How big is that lake and how long do search and recover operations take in a lake?

      1. They said a body have been found and that they’re going to talk about it at 2pm at the lake.

  7. Poor poor naya and you can see it in her pictures broken soul 😞 I hope they find her and put her to rest her son family and husband are heartbroken

  8. I definitely don’t see any of that from this footage. I believe she was abused as Hollywood is sick, but based on this, I don’t see anything strange.

  9. Also, the entire cast of the show was in the audience, including Laremz Tate, so how is her being there a ritual? She played his granddaughter on the show. Lastly, I say to people all the time that my 4 yr old is going on 40 because at times she has mannerisms that are that of someone older, like an old soul. I wouldn’t be surprised if true, but is this info based on facts from someone? Also, Redd Foxx died that very same year

  10. I think this poor girl took her own life. Whatever demons she had from Hollywood and etc just took its toll on her. Very sad indeed.

  11. Arsenio straight looking like a predator the way he was looking at her across the stage!! My heart sank when I first saw that video of her as a child – instantly suspected that she may have been abused as a child by the elite!! This doesn’t sit well with me at all and I feel so sad and sorry for her!

  12. G in think you are right about this. Arsenio’s demeanor was so creepy. It’s amazing how learning about the industry can change how you view things. I remember seeing this episode before, and it didn’t occur to me until re-watching it now, just how eager and enchanted he is with her. I’ve been praying for her for a long time. You’re also right about her carrying the wait of the song. I always felt that she had to relive it every single time it’s on. There must be more info still to come, I think they want you to believe that she took her own life bc of her depression, etc. Everyone knows about that, so that would be their immediate thoughts.

  13. Arsenio was a creep. I like how Redd fox was cutting him off. I didn’t get a creepy vibe from him.

    1. I like how Redd came in and said yeah her beautiful mother over there with my daughter and grandson lol like just back up.

  14. They just found a body . If it’s indeed her , is it a coincidence that they found her body the day of the anniversary of her co-star Corey monteith’s death ? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

    1. Yup! Ain’t no way that the Glee show isn’t cursed. Also, maybe it’s a coincidence that she was also 4 years old in that video clip and her son is 4, but the way things are set up especially in Hollyweird, nothing seems to really be coincidence..

      1. Did you see the episode of glee after his death where she sings “if I die young sink me in a river” …

  15. I remember she dated her co star from Glee, Mark Salling and years later he was convicted on like child pornography charges. She did an interview and she said she always knew he was a dark person or had a dark soul.

  16. This whole story is so sad and scary at the same time . RIP to Naya Rivera also cast member from glee Cory Monteith🙏🏾. I’ve always had questions because one of the main cast Members of glee Mark Salling got arrested for having child porn on computer. Always more question then answers surrounding these events . Peace to her family and young son .

  17. I honestly believe that with the amount of people catching on to Hollyweird, the publicity behind her disapearance and search efforts was extremely suspicious. This reminds me of the Pimp C, Prodigy, and now Naya. If you threaten to expose Disney, Music Industry, and Hollyweird, expect an accident or suicide in your near future!

  18. Poor Naya, she has always looked depressed. Even when smiling. I can see something like sadness in her eyes. This is so sad.

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