September 30, 2022

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35 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes The Jada Pinkett Smith Red Table Talk

    1. I just watched the youtube video with both of them surfing the chemistry is definitely there, they bounce off of each other with jokes, Jada should let it go

    2. LMAO LK is actually like a mix of JPS and his 1st wife – being cloned / deactivated for a newer exact version is a horrifying thought for JPS ? Eva , Margo , Fancy , Gabby , Emma , Charliz , Adriana , Amber all exotic models actress types but LK could legit play a young JPS in a biopic SMDH !

      Did Fresh Prince ever entangle with Bernice too , IDK really she is THE QUIETEST side chick in the industry LOL !

  1. This will satisfy a lot of people’s curiosity, as they gave some insight into their “open marriage”. Good PR move. But I want to know why was Will done with her ass? Seems like he still is and he won’t forget this transgression (not the affair but that it came out). Well Jada, who’s got next because Will isn’t missing a step.

      1. That messed up the bag because the Dr sex made the story get good and right when it was going to get renewed by the network , that scandal hit and exec prod Fresh Prince decided NOT to renew the show , the technical crew were complaining saying Fresh Prince was treating them great but JPS couldnt keep it her pants long enough to keep a good thing going — now here we are again in 2020 SMDH !

      2. SMH. If you’re going to play, then play by the rules Jada! Plus Marc Anthony was married to JLo at the time this was going on.

  2. So will just gonna leave Jada out to dry. Talking about his side pieces know how to keep quiet lol WOW! Jada was trying to let it be known *even more* that they both do they own things so she don’t look like a cheater and Will is like nah you gotta eat this one, you should pick better side dudes. Smfh Just divorce already, this whole spectacle let the world know y’all ain’t the goals people thought y’all were so just let it go. Will might go on and be happy elsewhere but Jada might be stuck miserable cause the man she really want is deceased and she can’t replace him correctly.

  3. damn, so him saying that hes got to get Jada back was just for show you think? They should definitely just divorce. Liza and Will? I just don’t see it. who knows.

  4. Her red table talk was a mistake from the start. She shared too much. Now I see them on the same level as love & hip Lies cast members. From A list to c lists. I blame jade.

    1. So the first time you told us about Liza and will I noticed she got that Jada look as well, but when will posted the video of Sheree willow and Jada some time last year I thought it was odd that she was bonding with them.

  5. Will Smith was upset big mad during this interview. That man is a libra and though he may have laughed when he said I gotta get you back for this…he meant that shit. Whatever type of relationship they have behind closed doors, he was hurt and mad about this.

  6. These people been swingers for years. The issue is Jada can’t control her hoes. Now everybody in they business

  7. prime example that open relationships/marriages are just messy AF and will always crash and burn, lol.

  8. Can you answer me this what happens when someone breaks an NDA legally ? Is it up to the people who drew it up or the law or both ? Serious question lol. Cause you said jada said fck it now that it’s out she decided to just tell the truth now. Like what can really happen to August if they decided to take action because he talked ?

  9. I honestly thought this RTT was a humiliation ritual for Jada maybe because of how amped and giddy Will seemed to be about interviewing Jada etc

  10. They need to just divorce already. Those of us who have a good hunch of the truth know they both lied through their teeth. Social media even brought some receipts to show how they lied. You could see Will was miserable. As for Jada, it is what it is. She in ways looks like a predator when it comes to August. Not because he was under aged but simple because of the condition he was in mentally/emotionally and she used him to help her “heal.” The Smiths should have known this day would come. A complete mess those 2 are.

    1. Very well said. I didn’t watch the show and probably won’t but if you just focus on human behavior, you can see that August isn’t mentally strong and Jada took advantage of it. You can also see the body language of Will like he’s checked out. I know because I’ve been there! LOL

  11. Off topic so the dude marlo passed away he was on the QC label. When did this happen? I’m reading threads on Twitter

  12. Jada just needs to let the relationship go and be with August. Boy already singing lile a canary–literally. Jada popularity going dowm? Naajh..Will slander isn’t done lol I bet Dame and his bizz will come out loud and public.

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