October 3, 2022

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22 thoughts on “Quick Hits 7/9/2020

    1. When will Bey and Hov time be up? Im so sick of them both. They always have their hand in manipulating someones career. When will karma settle with them?

  1. SMH! Doesn’t everyone win if Riri puts out another successful album? Everyone including Giselle copies off Riri anyways even down to her dates Adidas line so it would be to her benefit to get some new inspiration. Riri has an amazing catalog & it’s incredible so many jealous ppl are trying to ruin it for her

    Everyone knows about the sabatoge of Anti so wouldn’t it be in their best interest to let Riri be?

    Can Riri get out of her record deal?

    Why does it matter who Riri wants to work w/ even if it’s Ne-Yo & Kanye again? Especially Ne-Yo whose instrumental for a few of her biggest hits. Just bc the Carters have beef why does Riri have to suffer? It’s so ignorant & childish

    Ne-Yo didn’t lie about how Giselle’s “songwriting” & paying ppl works. How do you keep getting sued if you’re such an upstanding person?

    I thought this would be a reggae album anyways so why do the Carters care so much?

    Like the Smiths, someone w/nothing to lose will expose the Carters for real & when they’re irrelevant, they’ll look like jealous idiots so worried about what Riri is doing. I mean the truth will come out one way or the other

    I’m over Giselle’s music. It has been awful & the last album I could listen to all the way through was B’ Day & Dangerously in Love.

    I’m over these visual album documentaries for more smoke & mirrors w/copied visuals to hide the terrible music. How can you block certain ppl from working w/Riri & your music still sucks anyways? Make it make sense

    I’ll be praying for Riri bc this is completely insane at this point

  2. Adele should’ve lost the weight to be healthy & for herself. Not for some man bc it never ends well. When you lose weight for the wrong reasons, those insecurities you had when you’re heavier still exist & you end up heading down the wrong path

    It’s funny all the rumors about the Smiths (most have ended up to ring true) but still Will’s squeaky clean image was in tact. Jada’s bitterness & jealousy (Virgo like Giselle) will be her own undoing & it’s finally catching up to her.

    So Will warned Jada once he realized August was sketchy & messy & Jada kept him around bc she was jealous of Will’s (non-messy) side pieces?

    Jada’s version of what she thinks is best always ends up screwing everyone in the process & Jada will pay the ultimate price, not Will.

  3. I feel bad for Rihanna! That’s messed up…I do believe she will be successful in whatever she does..but it’s still messed up!

  4. Well looks like ANTI is thee album!

    Giselle and Corey never worried about them selves. I’m tired of them but her bullshit black is king can come out. That’s why Rihanna fashion going to go up and there’s nothing Ivy park can do about it💁🏾‍♀️

    Adele is loco.

    Oh well Robert🤷🏾‍♀️

    Cardi and meg seemed forced but roc nation probably will stop it. People too press to leak shit nowadays like have some patience or leak some shit that would really shock the world I’m tired of irrelevant stuff.

    Smh Carl!

  5. Whew! GREAT POST!! In EVERYWAY- so first of all, whoever wrote this, said the Bey word!! “You about to lose yo job” Lolol just kidding… but G is gonna be mad! Second, it’s crazy the only time Giselle has been original is when she’s literally doing rituals and calling it, what I call it- cause I’m older… MUSIC VIDEOS!! I guess that gets extra points? Side bar- I started to follow ChokenoJoke because of y’all and – none of the shenanigans that happen at any company affiliated with her or her husband surprises me, and shouldn’t surprise ANYONE that follows this blog. That said- RIH seems to have lost interest when 8 dropped, I think it was 8… the last one.. that was red…

    I never been a Nicki fan until now! – I know it doesn’t matter to most of you, but I said it.

    I feel Jada isn’t going to set up the one char at the red table I her own crib … until, she announces the divorce. Honestly- if you think about it, I feel like they have been leaving bread crumbs leading to it. Didn’t Jada all of the sudden after 20 years say, in the beginning of the pandemic how “she didn’t know Will the way she thought she did?” Maybe because he’s going full throttle with his cheating ass ways. Maybe she doesn’t want the owness to Fall on her!!!! Maybe she’s taking these fall now, because it’s the only way to get a decent settlement?
    Say what you want- her kids have made more than her career, with LV and Chanel alone. Nevermind music and movies. Hey, is what it is…

    Adele- thick or thin- will ALWAYS have that insecurity until she realizes, men will do what they do regardless.

    I CANNOT EVEN BEING TO THINK BOBBY D IS INVOLVED IN ANY OF THIS NONSENSE! Please give me more backstory on this.. as I watch goodfellas as I type!!

    Sorry for the novel!!

      1. G
        What I dont get is if JPS is so woke polygamous , why is she acting up LIKE THIS once he started messed with that LK ? Its like he got with a utoober , now JPS has a streaming show , got her face tuned / vag tightened , dye her hair the same color , is Fresh Prince trying to deactivate his own wife OR was this all a joint humiliation from their own house arrest once Maxwell got apprehended IDK its like there is an eerie coincidence to the timing and Gina even made it seem like there is more to the scandal than what we already assume SMDH !

  6. Will and Jada are annoying at this point. And him and his YouTube bitch are just as obvious as August and Jada are. Throw the whole marriage away 😴

  7. That the main reason kids shouldn’t be in adult situations. If you want to turn up, find a babysitter.

    Jada knew wtf she was doing

    I knew Rih was never gonna drop that album

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