September 30, 2022

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24 thoughts on “Hot Takes 7/8/2020

  1. This Naya situation sounds like a suicide attempt (calling it attempt since she hasn’t been declared dead as of yet.) why would she jump off a boat with no life jacket in the middle of that deep ass lake? And her son being present is suspicious to me too…I don’t wanna say out loud what my theory is on that. Let’s just hope she’s found safely.

    Justin smashing Billie ain’t no shock. She just turned 18 in December and last year was her hot on fire year, everybody been on her jock. So he probably took advantage of her star struck state and got him some And said she only 17 why not…pervert.

    1. Her songs to me are hit and miss and I can’t listen to a whole body of work from her at all! I like Renni Rucci waayyy better. She southern rapper(N Carolina) and she got diff flows and can ride the beat!

      1. So I was watching a web series called Killumbia and renni rucci starred in it. I heard a song on the show and it did slap but imma check her out today when I’m getting my hair done lol.

      2. @Brim Yess her new mixtape that came out in May or June I think called The Quicktape has about 7 or 8 songs I think, but every one of the songs had me bopping lol

  2. This Naya Rivera info is a shock to me. She’s been going thru a lot these past few years. I hope her estranged husband didn’t try anything crazy.

  3. Naya Rivera situation is truly heartbreaking. I truly hope for a positive outcome. 🙏🏾
    She has had a rough few years, and G has highlighted some her struggles with drugs and mental issues on here before. I hope she did not go down a dark path.

    Kanye seem to be having a bi-polar episode. He just saying random stuff and going on these tangients again.

    What’s the big deal these women work together? Why is it always an issue? Let them work with who they please. Don’t understand why the male rappers can work with whomever they want, but their have to be some sort of hoopla for female rap artists to work together.

    Always liked Chris Evans and he’s been unproblematic.

    1. I concur about the rap game and how it’s always drama when females work together, but it’s always celebrated when these men get together. I wish these women wouldn’t let the BS get to them and be reall for once and support one another.

    2. You hit the nail on the head. Kanye is having an episode and Kim, (sorry, not sorry) not being a black woe an, can’t sense when he is in need of extra attention so that he doesn’t go on these rants. But maybe it is on purpose, they love to have “situations” for show footage. Kim is super busy and Kanyye is acting out.

  4. Funny I read today about Kanye and his bipolar disorder and his family “concerns”. We already know he cra cra and I agree with G, this is a ploy to get Trump another 4 yrs!
    As for Naya, sad situation but not unexpected. I already see it’s being referred to as “accidental drowning” but we all know (on this blog at least) what it really is yet I pray for a positive outcome if for no one else, her child.

  5. Strange how Lea just got exposed for being a massive ahole BY EVERYBODY and now Naya is the next one to go missing , IDK seems like there is some type of white(black)mail gone bad because why so many young actors from that era just drop dead or are traumatized !

    Eyelash could afford therapy over Beeber of all people ? LMAO , we knew she was a plant all along she just confirmed it now SMDH !

    Cardigan and Megan talking bossy on the same track ? But did they even get their contract situations straightened out ? LOL Dubai is closed , yacht are closed so they have to link now !

    LOL Kim would never pass the vetting process , especially now that Maxwell is in custody , besides West could collect campaign funds from BLM since they dont do anything for the community anyway . If Harold and Kumar were allowed to work for #44 administration why cant West run for office ? Id actually be interested in the ticket only if Booker as VP + West because if they announce that watch that Dutchess come running to be down with the campaign LOL total shttshow and the most entertaining election ever !

  6. I thought kanye was truly saved living for the Lord
    I hope naya is alright she loved her baby there’s no way. Here comes the fake tributes

  7. cokooks?! lmao yall be typing anything! I’m available for editing services 🤣🤣 seriously though, i proofread like a champ! Let me help.

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