October 4, 2022

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18 thoughts on “The real Truth About Celebrities and Adrenochrome

  1. Good read, glad you touched on this as I’ve seen it time and time again, the rabbit hole runs deep

  2. So she’s saying it has absolutely nothing to do with the occult? I call bull on this one y’all. But that’s jmo lol. I hadn’t heard the conspiracies about the relation to COVID.

    1. Yes makes a lot of sense. In the movie it kept them young and they could live a long time. You know hollywood hides things in plain sight.

  3. Thanks for the explanation. When it comes down to it there’s no real proof. Just q anon drops that have not been validated, assumptions, and hoax videos. I don’t doubt hollyweird is capable of such a thing, there just hasn’t been any verifiable proof. mostly hearsay being passed down and becoming legend/law to people.

  4. When and how was Hillary’s video debunked because i actually saw what was supposed to be the video and it looked real to me🤷🏽‍♀️

    1. Exactly real and traumatizing. The only debunking I’ve heard seemed to come from Hillary herself but she wasn’t trying to debunk it (meaning the conversation she was having wasn’t even about the video) she slipped up & did it by accident lol so it must’ve been on her mind.

      1. Yes that’s the video I heard that was on Anthony’s laptop so I believe it.

  5. All due respect I gotta disagree with what she’s saying. I personally haven’t heard any conspiracies connecting Adrenochrome to Covid-19(unless we’re counting people saying celebs are not getting any of the supply cause of Quarantine). I’ve just been hearing more people talking about Adrenochrome and what it does (which is keep you high and looking youthful) and how you get it (which is through scared abused children). It appears she’s saying the drug has no ties to Hollywood or the occult and I say BS, I fully believe these celebs are dabbling in it and that’s why they’ve all aged 30 years since the supply has halted cause of the pandemic & Quarantine.

    And as for the Hilary video, who debunked it because it was only circulating on the dark web and wasn’t touched by mainstream media In order to be debunked? The clip I saw was traumatizing and although she wasn’t visible (I have to admit that) it was still mighty coincidental that the website that had the clip apparently normally showed videos of pedophilia, Murder, extreme violence…but was never shut down UNTIL that clip of Hilliary started circulating on it, only then did the website get banned from google and some more stuff.

  6. Just a theory Monster Inc…. in order to get the energy to keep the monsters going the big corp forced the monster to torture the kids to produce the “scream” but the monsters against the torture wanted to make the kids laugh which produced better energy than torture Idk what I’m trying to say cause I was smoking devils lettuce but hidden messages

  7. Honestly I don’t believe this write up and call bs but people have the right to believe what they want. It just seems to be convenient to write it off as a conspiracy theory and make it seem like it’s so far fetched. Most “conspiracies” are true.

  8. This was informative and a good read. They do so much evil & ritualistic bull crap in Hollywood that it is easy for some to blur the lines between what really happens and what is the work of a creative imagination.

  9. This is mostly wrong, sorry. On my IG @krissyfromthebronx, I detail the connection between covid 19 and adrenochrome and where and how it is extracted. The same lab in Wuhan, China was the biggest adrenochrome FACTORY in the world. The military even bombed one of their facilities. The evil folks got the sealed indictments at George HW Bush’s funeral and then the evil folks gave it all they had. They created 4 versions of covid and released it into the world FROM THE SAME ADRENOCHROME FACTORY. It was never about covid-19, it was the blood of the raped and tortured children and babies they were addicted to. Look me up.

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