September 30, 2022

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16 thoughts on “Blind Sugar 7/6/2020

    1. Chile me either but somehow i think 1 may be Jada n them but again idk i never be knowing lol

  1. 1) Jada,Will, and August (I Hope August don’t sign nothing)
    2) Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis? (I searched and they are selling their mansion but it was a few months ago they put it up for a sale….I know Ashton has/had that website with Demi Moore trying to crack down on child trafficking.)
    3) Brian Austin Green Tight over Megan Fox & MGK…sensational.

  2. Jada and Will stupid as Fuck you was Fucking August and you didn’t have that nigga sign a NDA big mistake especially considering their celebrity status. The Kardashians don’t let anyone around them in their inner circle much less be friends with them without signing an NDA.

    1. Neither do Giselle and jigga. You would think the smiths were smarter but August already said it so idk how that’s going to work. They were so press to defend jordyn and forgot about their shit.

  3. Open relationships never work the person who you fucking always ends up falling for the married husband or wife. Can’t be fucking a person for years and years and not expect to fall for that person. It’s just like Friends with Benefits it always ends up bad in the end. Even If August does come out and say it’s a lie It’s too late nobody will believe him his emotions were way too real and passionate in that interview to believe to think he was just lying about the whole situation. Everyone in Hollywood knows Jada and Will are swingers they just need come out and say or just get a divorce.

  4. Wonder why Jada and Will didnt have August sign an NDA? They’ve been in the fame game way too long….

  5. Wow I didn’t know Jada would be so stupid…. there relationship is over over. Will just need to leave.

    If the next on is Ashton and Munis that’s over too. What’s their to leak though? I thought she knew everything?

    Megan will be fine, glad she finally left.

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