September 30, 2022

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13 thoughts on “Hot Takes 4th of July Version

  1. Floyd is disgusting but not surprised w/how he’s been w/these women

    Will should’ve fought for that 1st marriage. There’s still love there between him & Sheree too. I mean there’s been so many rumors about Will (some true) but has managed to keep this squeaky clean image

    Jada really has been the problematic one in this marriage. Why eff up this squeaky clean image bc you don’t have your side pieces in order? Where’s the Carter’s NDA? It sounds like August stopped getting paid & let have. Jada thought she was doing something being bitter bc Will has been over her only for it to backfire & the karma hit her tenfold

    DL Hugley was right. Terry is one of the most problematic black celebs

    I wonder if the pandemic didn’t happen if the show would still be on the air? Keke brought a energy to the show but she’s an actress & will be fine. I wonder if Sara will go back to the view

    How long before Naomi is exposed w/the Epstein stuff?

  2. Floyd is a vagina point blank period!

    Will and Jada need to stop the holier then though relationship and let it go!

    Terry Crews needs his big ass beat up. I wonder if his wife was black would he be saying the same thing.

    Anybody linked to Epstein is shitting bricks right now

  3. I did see a post a couple weeks ago saying how will regrets leaving his first wife. It probably was on the ig pg.

  4. Wow. Just wow. Floyd dead ass wrong. No pun intended and i highly doubt that Epsteins assistant will talk. I think she got his back. PERIOD a

  5. Epstein’s girl better watch out. She may “commit suicide” unexpectedly and it’ll be said, “no one was around to see it”

  6. Wow! When it rains it pours. The Smiths should have known eventually all their dirty deeds would be brought to the surface. If they woulda said they had a open relationship instead of trying to keep it on the low, they could have avoided this. Now this has open the door for everything else to come out. When trying to be the perfect couple goes wrong.

  7. I want you to do a story on Will Smith and his first wife because I think he still have sex. She is always on vacation with them and she is always giving him mad love on her IG account.

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