October 4, 2022

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17 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes Exclusives The Jada and Tisha Beef, Rihanna’s Ex Man The Real Rihanna and Hassan Split

  1. The fans were circulating Epstein’s black book a few weeks ago with the father’s name in it, I was shocked I had no clue the dad was on there. But then again they are a rich family. The question is did Hassan go to that island? And if rih left him why she wanting him back can’t she just go get him?

  2. Smith’s are Disgusting and since bitter loud mouth Tisha won’t tell the truth. I hope someone comes in August’s defense I pray for him

  3. There’s more to why they broke up that G does not know yet, that’s why the post looks that way.
    There’s more to it.
    Hassan was hiding a lot involving his family background from her.

  4. Ok so Will, Jada, Tisha and Duane …no surprise about that. But the big question, What did Martin Lawrence think about this? Could it be Tisha was reluctant because of her affair with Martin? Did Martin know that Will had a thing for his boo Tisha during their early bad boys days? I know things didn’t end well between the two of them but I always thought it took Martin a while to get over Tisha.

  5. Where do I apply to be a part of an open marriage with Will and Jada? I’m trying to get that weekly allowance. Rihanna will find love one day. I just want her to stay away from most of these rappers and athletes.I hope she stays with businessmen only.

  6. Ikr how are Arab men are 🙄 rihanna he will not come back. Move away from this Sickkk family. You don’t need more pedos in your live.

  7. you really think with all Rihanna allegedly did for got the carrer she got now , she will leave a man just for sex trafic and pedo thing ?! I doubt its that the reason of the split .

    1. Having sex with other adults for fame is not the same as being a pedophile 🤦🏾‍♀️

  8. Will and Jada remind me of that couple from the movie cover. Out here just sleeping with any and everybody and living unsuspecting victims everywhere

  9. Even if Rihanna wouldn’t found out about Hassan’s dad, if that is the case, it still wouldn’t have worked. They are from 2 different worlds. Plus if she is having a hard time getting over Hassan, his father’s possible involvement with Epstein must not mean that much to her. It looks like she only left him because of how it would have made her look 🤷.

  10. if you wanna be sneaky freaky and hook up with other sneaky freaks that is your business but when it starts run live and you lie every chance you get about everything………i don’t respect you. they are a mess

  11. IDK but Robyn only dealt with him long enough to get Aramco to invest in her home country , but now that deal did or didnt fell thru the relationship was over too . Mission accomplished SMDH !

  12. So Rihanna is feeling some kind of way because she thinks he went to the island, yet every major business she does business with has probably been on that island at least one. She is so lame! Her outrage is so fake to me.

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