October 4, 2022

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11 thoughts on “Hot Takes 6/29/2020

  1. Shit how are they suffering. They knew it would happen. They have no radio play to keep them stable. All the other songs get radio play and play listing.

  2. It’s ok he still has Eminem he ain’t forgot about Dre
    What rituals did Kim kylie have to do to get close to a billion

  3. G, you talking about RL at BSO? Hunny, ALL of the girls (who love CFB, particularly a certain team) knew he was a creep.

  4. C0ty giving all the $ smells like a kickback / corporate graft to me . Who is gonna buy all that makeup with no place to (legally) wear it ? LMAO hoez cant keep they legs closed for the rest of this year , so IDK I think they give the $ now to sneak it out of the company and then get the kickback later like a golden parachute , if PMK doesnt deliver the kickback then we already know what will happen Paris robbery or 10x worse SMDH !

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