September 30, 2022

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26 thoughts on “The World Of Hollyweird

    1. They probably already did and it’s just a matter of time it’s released. They never let a BM be successful long before his reputation and legacy gets tarnished

  1. Are you saying they sell out their kids for the ritual because they don’t want to become transgender themselves?

    1. Yes!!! Thats why if you notice the Kardashians, none of the kids are transgender.. but Bruce is.. they always said he took one for the team.

  2. This does make perfect sense if you take a step back. People always wonder why entainers become addicts or appear to go crazy and commit suicide. They don’t get it that you lose much more by fame than what you gain from it!

  3. Maaaaaaannnnnn! Hell no! I can’t keep spending my money on anything that these people do smh!

  4. Also it is truly disgusting what these people will do to their kids just to get fame! I have two kids and I WOULD NEVER!

  5. Black people get the short end of the stick even when it comes to rituals…. having a choice to sleep with Oprah or Quincy Jones to really make it? 🤢🤢🤢 And d**n that’s an awful lot of cooch to eat and peen to suck… no wonder half these people are on drugs and going crazy…. who has that kind of time?

    And not only did Debbie Allen apparently turn out Raven Symone, she also drove her into the arms of a white woman 🤦🏾‍♂️.

    The sheer mention of Gabrielle Union’s name annoys the f*** out of me. That chick has bad juju written all over her.
    Her and Dewayne Wade are going to mess his son up as time goes on. Its funny how after Lil Boosie called them out, mysteriously a video of him shows up with him talking about a grown woman giving his son and nephew head. Not excusing his actions, but the timing seems interesting.

  6. Yes, very bad juju. She sold her womb, that’s why she can’t have children. But she doesn’t mind selling out Dwades

  7. Correct me if I’m wrong. Tom Cruz pic the second looks photoshopped. Look carefully. Zoom in. Ijs

  8. I always wondered how raven turned lesbian
    She was fine on that’s so Raven
    Ugh sick sick the stuff that goes on
    Jamie foxx though??
    These parents are twisted
    And I can’t wait for God to blow the lid off of hollyweird they’re going Down!

  9. I shouldn’t be surprised but yet I still am smh. Speaking of Jamie Foxx, is he pimping out his daughters? Or will he? I may have asked this before on here but the way he parades them off on award shows and stuff has never set right with me.

  10. Just Yuck. Who wants to have sex with old Oprah & heroin addict boney Angelina. Hopefully Stephen and Aisha can go back to God.

    Now I get why I never liked that Gabby woman. That baby knew what wss going on, she looked at Gabby like “Did you steal me from my real mummy” for 12 months straight.

  11. Ayesha needs to chill with the attention seeking & Hollywood life. Gab Union never set well with me and the way she taunted Siovaughn was awful. I don’t trust her. The list of gatekeepers – gag.

  12. G…u did not say Merv Griffin! Lol, I just can’t. I need a backstory on him. I love when u do old school tea. On the flip side, how sick do u have to b to sell off ur kids??

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