September 30, 2022

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21 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes Meg Thee Stallion Khloe Kardashian

    1. Exactly what the paragraph said. The pic that shade room posted of her was unflattering. And a lot of ppl in the comments were saying she looked like a man, trans, too much makeup, she’s too big, they tired of her, she’s overrated.
      Chile them comments were a mess. I nvr seen them tlk about her like that. I’m like damn what meg do ? Y’all tryna start another hate train on another female rapper?

    1. I’m not bringing a girl who I’ve known and trusted for years and betrayed that trust by lying to me about fucking with my man around me, idk about y’all.

  1. I hate the shaderoom all they do is talk bad about black people. Mostly black women. Why people people still supporting these nasty ass blogs like shadroom.

  2. That girl’s pictures are ALWAYS hit or miss. Please. And what type of status does she have to be shot calling on what pix to post?! Where did they get the picture in the first place? Because they usually get the pic directly from the person’s page. But anyway… Khloe is dumb for the dick. And if she’s forgiving her BD, why not Jordyn?

    1. RIGHT!!! Where did they get the pic from? Can’t be mad when the comments don’t go your way. Kylie is right – but let her live her fantasy.

  3. Jordyn doesn’t deserve to be forgiven, you fuck with my man or try to you will never come around me again. Period

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