September 30, 2022

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23 thoughts on “Hot Takes 6/26/2020

  1. Oh Gawd please no kylie and Kendall they’re sooo boring
    And I’m surprised Tristan hasn’t cheated on her again

    1. I swear I just said the same thing about the jenner sisters. Womp womp. That shit will flop. 😹😹

  2. Somebody on twitter said Kanye and Nicki were uncancelable(not a word)… and in a way it made me start to feel like maybe Nicki isn’t the female weezy, maybe she’s meant to be the female Kanye 🤷🏿‍♂️. It will be interesting to see her career moves and trajectory as time goes on

    1. I was thinking that too it’s something about her and Kanye relationship I like. It’s kinda hard to figure.

  3. Man nawl nah Towanda!!! She musta stole money???? So Toni was on drugs??? Shit she always talk about her sisters!!

    1. No, Towanda is the one that she said was on drugs. Toni was mentioned because Towanda stole from her.

  4. Whattttttt!??????!!!!!!! Goddamnnnnnnn!!! Towanda! How you out here like that !???!! I’m shocked about that one !

  5. I always wonder how Towanda was able to afford that big house with kids and a man who didn’t work. Toni ain’t paying that good👀

  6. Prince is doing back flips, spins and turns in his grave. He would have never sign off on any of this.

  7. Prince is not at peace. These people keep pimping his music… Smh.

    Now what is this about Toni/Towanda dealing drugs and being a dope head? Can we explore this topic 😆🤓🤔?

  8. -I always thought Towanda was the more responsible level headed one, but that would explain the outburst she had a few years ago on the show.
    -I know Prince is rolling over in his grave.
    -Khloe probably doesn’t recognize her own self anymore.

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