September 30, 2022

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24 thoughts on “Spilling Sugar Around The Industry

  1. Sounds like things are on the up and up for Nicki! She has the hate train still unfortunately but she beating the odds at the moment. Love to see it.

  2. What’s tea on Kelly and Ryan!?😃 I cannot STAND Kelly Ripa. During the time that she was aligned with Michael Strahan on the show, I felt differently. However when G put us on to everything going on behind the scenes I immediately disliked Kelly bc it was my perception that she was the epitome of “She likes you (your dick) not your race.”

  3. Meek stays on jays 🥜😂 and jay dgaf bout him fr everything wit that man is calculated and business. Why would he think jay would care about his petty drama wit 69 ? Jay only cares about shit involving him & his wife fr sadly. The other shit just be for pub & optics to keep up with an image.

    1. Exactly! I wonder if meek going to get mad one day and tweet about jay. I know he tight over that. 69 not even worth it.

      1. LMAO Daniel was signed to the Roc this ENTIRE TIME , Jay did the same thing Dame did when he brought Cam and the Dips to the Roc , Jay is just better at keeping a poker (camel) face LOL !

  4. Idk think a pregnancy would end her year. Shit she’s still shooting videos and can clearly write and cut a verse laying down. With all that’s going on it’s not like she’ll be touring or doing big shows while pregnant so it may be perfect timing! And her official announcement will only keep her momentum going….. all if she wants it to.

  5. Meek has showed many times before he’s a bitch but this right here proves it. You have to gang up on one rapper with a bunch of other rappers after you started the mess? Then you try to take the bitch route and go behind the scenes to get him X’d out for what? Cause he proving y’all wrong? The hate and envy be real in the industry but with 69 not being black I can see why they feel like that but damn bro back off and mind your business. Cardi B has a lot of nerve. After you already signed a multimillion dollar deal and out out 1 album you thing because it’s successful you have enough leverage to call shots like that? They ring in these people to replace others and let their heads get blown up smh like Cardi you are a puppet Atlantic put you in the position you’re in. It was all good when she agreed to take Nicki spot and if she sign with Sony she’s a dead girl walking if you ask me

    1. Meek has always given me weak vibes and running to JayZ & social media about Tekashi69 is so b!tch made. Cardi is really feeling herself and definitely wants A LOT after 1 album and a bunch of features. It will be quite interesting if she signs with Roc Nation for management. Where will this leave a Megan Thee Stallion? One of them will get left out, if Cardi were to sign with Roc Nation Mgmt.

  6. I believe that they will try to replace Cardi because she doesn’t write her own rhymes and they can find someone else that would take her place With Nicki they really can’t stand her and Meeks ass is still in love with Nicki and he won’t stop until he tries to destroy her and Nicki should just do features and that Jay and Bey need to sit their old asses down

  7. What will it mean for meg is RN gets Cardi as a client? I know CB has a lot of fans but her presence hasn’t really been missed…I think B should leave NM alone…B started the petty beef and NM ended it- she should focus more on Tidal’s shady dealings and her recent solo flops.

    1. Right like how you mad she responded and shit you down with a more clever line? She’s a RAPPER! You got Jay writing your raps and disses to a female yet he couldn’t even handle Nas proper 🥴🥴

      1. Jay has been a punk especially right after the death of Biggie. That camel isn’t loyal to anyone!

  8. I understand Kanye wants to stop making secular music, but that ‘New Body’ track is tough

  9. This was a really good read. Those damn Carters. Smh makes me want to delete all their music. Ugh. I swear I just cut for Nicki even more. Like they trying hard. Hard hard. And for what? Hahaha and that Lori! I guess she said Future can’t stop cheating so I might as well get to the bag. Smh I mean at this point I don’t understand why she even gets upset, at this point she “could” leave, but they would kill her before they let her go. My opinion. She too deep.

  10. All of this brewing its finally spilling over !!! A lot of what’s done in the dark will soon come to light

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