October 3, 2022

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19 thoughts on “Hot Takes 6/22/2020

  1. Juicyyyyy!!!! I didn’t know Theresa was dating..the weekend think he on fifty shades of grey 🤔 I wonder what the situation is with drake

  2. I knew The Weeknd was a Freak those lyrics of his don’t lie. Not surprised about Tekashi cheating on Jade, she doesn’t love him she only with this fool for his money and clout. Notice the moment of attention she gets from blogs and celebrities since she’s been with Tekashi, he knows she’s only with him for the money and attention hence why he cheats he no dummy.

  3. We’ll spill G what is it ? I hope it’s not a woman and he’s calling drake a pussy. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  4. I can’t believe a song I never heard is #1 but I digress. The Weeknd does give off a different vibe so I can see that & come on G, U know we want to know the trigger!

    1. That’s the remarkable thing about this #1 it wasn’t paid to be everywhere no radio no major playlisting. The fans actually bought the song. Usually the number one hits are all paid to be pushed on the radio and not necessarily at the request of any fans, just forced down our throat based on popularity within the industry.

  5. I knew Justin wasn’t completely innocent.

    Please spill the trigger. Thank you in advance 😆.

  6. Wow, why would lady Gaga throw Katy Perry under the bus like that. What’s the beef with them. Good for nicki Minaj. No payroll is need for her. She have real fans. Not payroll fans. Swizz beats need to worry about his own wife. And leave drake alone. 69 cheating I’m not surprised all rappers cheat.

  7. 8 different fanbases?!?! Wow! That is crazy and sad AF.

    Chile everybody snorts the snow in Hollywood you too GaGa stop the charade.

    Weeknd look like into that rape kink, BDSM type shit. He just looks creepy. Bella Hadid has an odd look to her too but she probably so conditioned to that type of sex with all those Dubai trips she was probably used to it.

    Justin had a bunch of accusations pop up during his wild boy stage but they went away. Like you said he better hope the ones with no receipts pop back up Chile…

  8. I trink more people are starting to become aware of the weird shit. I saw this blogger post something about the “Yum” video JB did, I saw it decoded on a site that has been exposing the industry for over a decade. It’s about the weird pedo stuff. Anyway, he supposedly gave a sign to a fan that asked a question on the live and then the rape allegation came out on twitter after that. I’m still disgusted that he has a real one though, wtf man none of these ppl are normal.

  9. Somehow The Weeknd’s weird fetish doesn’t surprise me, I heard rumors about him and sexual assault too

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