October 4, 2022

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32 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Young Miami’s Baby Father Being Killed Or Sacrificed?

  1. He abused Yung Miami too though. So I’m sure she was like meh. I can find a new daddy for my son (808)

      1. Punishing her how? I remember he carried her about the vacation she took him on. He said he was sick.

  2. I believe he was too.. If she was gon sacrifice anybody she should’ve got rid of the last bby daddy 808. The way they say he be beating the brakes out her ass smh

  3. Shits evil! For fame and money you allow them to kill your child’s father. You do all that. Smh shits sad. Feel bad for those innocent kids who are groomed into it.

  4. Mannnnnn I kidd you NOT….. this was my exact first thought when I heard the news and EVERYTHING YOU SAID IS EXACTLY WHAT I AUTOMATICALLY ASSUMED…… and it’s crazy cause, SHIT SO PREDICTABLE, DISTURBING and down right DARK when you know the things you know of the industry smh

    N my thing is, how everything played out exactly after he was killed was down right UNSETTLING smh BONE CHILLING…. n NO SURPRISE 🙄🙄

    1. Omg yes then jt on live with those crying filters talking about she going through a lot I’m going through a lot cuz that’s my sister just sounding dumb.

      1. Listen…them dam crying filters i was like man wtf nah that shit was to dam much

      2. I wanted to whoop her ass. She ain’t sound hurt she sound happy. She was so press to tweet about that album going number 1. I listened to that and was like why tf they got snippets.

  5. I sure did wonder if this was a sacrifice not knowing their cd was coming out too, now it makes sense but G….can u please talk about DL Hughley passing out over this weekend and now allegedly has coronavirus??? Like wtf!

  6. Them bitches is popping popping right now! The album is “decent” but nothing to write home about – honestly speaking. Sorry not SORRY 🙃 and it was right before Father’s Day 😩 the ultimate sacrifice! – PERIODT!

  7. People forget that city girls did that Masonic photo shoot with the checkerboard for one of those Illuminati magazines awhile back. They been trying to be down you can tell. And now all of these events occurring back to back? Can’t help but be suspicious! I haven’t heard the album but from what I’ve heard it’s just constant talks about the cooch. I’ve always viewed them as two Trina’s. Gonna be hard to make them mainstream and keep that edge the day one fans love.

  8. I thought the same thing when I heard about her son’s father. It’s sad what people will do for fame and fortune

  9. Not to knock anyone’s hustle but their music sucks. I honestly don’t know what’s more offensive to my ears, City Girls or Saweetie… cute girls but I bet a parrot could out rap Miami & Saweetie. JT sounds better BUT how many ways can you say I’m a scammer trying to get as much money and material items from a man and my p*** pops severely?

    1. I feel you man lol between Saweetie and them idk who needs to cut it first. I like Saweetie vibe better though

  10. Well with the mess they rap about they needed something to pull them out the hole. You can only rap about being a scammer with a good cooch for So long. Now they went out and did this, I bet that this “success” will only last a minute. Because overall City girls music is not the best. I tell you, these people will bust he’ll wide open for a sec of fame.

  11. I’m out of South Florida and this hasn’t set right with me at all, Jai sister is the mother to a well known local rappers son here so no telling who doing what. But I was told that the streets was trying to kill him for a longtime Yung Miami I feel that she still loved and cared deeply for Jai and I wouldn’t be surprised if he gave his life for their circle to continue thriving.

  12. So a human life for fame & money is the new trend. So fucking disgusting. I Hope the sacrifeced souls haunt those celebs 4 eternity

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