October 4, 2022

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20 thoughts on “Hot Takes 6/20/2020

  1. But Winnie… several people have said it. You’re a mean girl! Let me go see this nba nonsense because…

  2. im in TEARS!!!!! 😂😂😂 Timbaland cant stand my ass. i met him at a concert and he was acting stank so i called him hot dog neck. he was pissed😂😂😂😂

  3. Idc jay prince do need to mind his bness. NBA be chilling.

    I was confused on Giselle song too I saw it trending on google.

    G da goat. For that Chris stokes and Marques Houston sugar.

    Winnie is irrelevant as shit to me.

    Kmichelle be knowing shit.

  4. I can never look at Marques Houston the same knowing that he was doing foul shit with Chris Stokes smh.

    Idk why Timbaland talking all that mess. Devante used to punk him and most of those folks he discovered. Didn’t he used to sick his dogs on them or something?

  5. I don’t think Timbo stole some of Da Bassment’s crew, but due to the harsh treatment of Devante, they started leaving. Do you guys have some insight on what really happened?

  6. Winnie you are nobody to be lying on to get clout girl pipe down. You not even considered a celeb fr and multiple people now have said this about you with proof of your character going all the way back when you were on antm stop. I would like her more if she would just admit she was a bitch.

    1. IDK. That’s what I’m wondering. She’s talking about an African Diety and charging her crystals in a Full Moon which I wouldn’t recommend unless you can truly handle that energy, but why are people confused by the song?

      1. I guess cuz she just dropped a song out the blue. I saw it trending on google and was confused but not by the actual song I get it.

  7. That new song by Bey was trash, im sorry. Winnie should take notes from Naomi and just acknowledge her bitch card and role with it. . Timbo the refrigerator is a good wrestlers name lol.

  8. I been hearing Timbaland was a stank weirdo for a long time lol. Didn’t Devante used to smack him and Missy up back in the day

  9. How does Winnie get all these men with her Terrible attitude and why do these fashion designers continue to work with her I don’t get it

    1. Some women act different with men than women. She’s probably the type that do anything the man wants or say.

  10. Winnie too many times you have been called out for being rude. Everybody can’t be lying.

    “Refrigerator built” 😅💀

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