September 30, 2022

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26 thoughts on “Blind Sugar Revealed 6/15

  1. At this point, Beyoncé needs to let that man cheat in peace. She ain’t going nowhere. Iggy? I’ve never seen the appeal in any arena. JLo know she don’t give a good gottdamn about black lives, but she will pretend to for a coin. Thanks for the sugar G!

  2. So are you implying that she don’t really give AF about the situation? Don’t tell me this about JLo please, I love that woman & im a black woman. I did see she teased BTS pics on her Instagram today of her in the studio, please don’t say this to me.

    I’m sure they aren’t the only celebrities protesting for their own gains though

    1. I know right?!?! But I remember a few years back when the BLM hashtag became huge, and she responded all lives matter and stuck by it. And as of recently she has been dragged for taking opportunities and not giving credit to Ashanti (a BW), and for saying the n-word in songs in the past. I don’t think she’s racist though nonetheless. I think she enjoys her “passing privileges” so she honestly can’t relate.

  3. I remembered the Kream collab between Tyga and Iggy so that’s why I guessed him the first time! Then I thought it was Travis potentially and switched to him. Always trust ya first instinct lol if Tyga is Iggy BD Chile…

  4. So Icky was fucking Playboi Carti, Tyga, and Travis Scott all at the same time? Chile…not surprised tbh. My messy ass hopes it’s Travis’s 💀💀

  5. Who is surprised about JLO? I always thought she was one of those “latinas” that always wanted to be considered white. She barely have close black friends. The only time she was around black folks was when she first came out as a singer..

    Beyonce is just dumb to me so I really do not feel sorry nor surprised of any cheating scandal that Jay does.. It is not even interesting anymore lol… That man don’t love her…Never did and never will… trust me I know how these Sags roll… Earth and Fire signs do not mix at all.. who the hell thought that was going to work…

    1. I’m a Sag to the core and I’ve never cheated. My ex hubby is a Virgo and cheated the whole 15 yrs we were married. So tell me how do Sag’s roll?

  6. And seeing as J-ho was team All Lives Matter before this year, she ain’t being genuine 1 bit

    1. You remember that too?!? I am not surprised, she is trying to save face and be on the trendy and right side of history lol.

  7. At this point in time, I don’t even consider what jay is doing is cheating. She always knows he wants to sleep with others so she is complicit with it

  8. This even more confirms the line nicki said in say so… that real ass ain’t keep your nigga home ….. yikes 😳

  9. I hope the baby is Travis LMAO.

    J-Lo need to sit her fake ass down. She’s not team black or white. She’s team Latina. She’s all for self and whatever is gonna keep her name buzzing.

    Jay and Bey love each other and their children. That’s clear. It’s also clear that it was an excellent business power move for both of them. Jay doesn’t cheat cause he doesn’t love Bey. He cheats because he can. It’s about power. Beyonce is not innocent either. Bey is in the same kind of marriage Tina was with Matthew. Like mother…like daughter

  10. They all go the streets at this point. 2020 has certainly been an eye opening year for seeing these celebs for who they are. I can’t stand JLO. Like oh it’s not All Lives Matter anymore? All these witches just need to go! Burned at the stake.

    1. I never liked jlo after watching Selena she always gave me a weird vibe. I just thought it was creepy how she looked like her and then I found out she was dead.i was a child at the time not understanding she was a actress.

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