August 16, 2022

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32 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Nicki Minaj, Beyonce’ Jay-z, Tidal Situation

  1. I hope Beyonce does a response so Nicki can respond and body her🤷🏽‍♀️ I’ve had enough of the carters

  2. I knew Nicki and bey were being fake for bness lol. I watched that performance of the picture above and said they looked serious when they had the stare down bey started laughing but Nicki was looking like she wanted to smack her ass.

    1. Nicki and Rih wouldn’t have worn that ivy park trash anyway. I like Kenny he not with that bs either. This is a cute lil beef and the fans are blind to the shit smh. I did think it was weird when bey said “in the hood hollering free meek” in one of those songs like girl bye how old are you and your husband press about being in the hood? Too damn old, the hoods are watered down if they ain’t know.

  3. Well Beyoncé will be getting her karma because she already getting more hate then usual and Nicki has an advantage when it comes to putting out music she can change her verses last minute Beyoncé can’t because she has 9 writers for every song and Nicki will still wash her when it comes to the bars . No one remembers what Beyoncé said in savage remix except the only fans line. People always analyze nicki bars because they are witty and shady lol

  4. The Carters messing with other people’s money, streams or whatever.. that’s why they’re getting their karma with Tidal!

  5. Remember when nicki said on one her remixes “I was in the court no jays or Bees ” . Nicki been through shots and I love it

    1. Exactly all of this could’ve went a totally different way. Especially since jay doesn’t have any power over drake since drake got them Jewish ties. Also since meek was the one encouraging Nicki to do some of the dumb shit that came back to bite her in the a**, if drake had been her man not of that would’ve happened cause drake know how to play the game. She would’ve probably still been on top by now cause no chick has been able to match her skill! And if she still would’ve lost the throne, I’m sure it would’ve been way less messy then it has been.

    2. Lmao it would be good strategically but these are love lives were talking about. She already had drake as a brother I can understand it being very weird for her to get romantically involved with him.

  6. Beyoncé don’t big anyone up, Cloe and the other one is her artist and She owe Kelly. Beyoncé straight don’t have any loyalty. However, I thought this was already facts that Nicki and Bey ain’t friends. Tidal flopping because of Jay-Z period and most people knows that.

  7. For what reason does Bey wanna beef with Nicki? Like they’re not even competitors, she must have issues with successful black female artists that don’t kiss her ass.

  8. Jay is a horrible person…he and his wife deserve each other. B is a great entertainer but that’s the only positive thing I can say. Her acting is terrible, her speaking is terrible, and IMO her insecurities stem from a lack of education. I feel like she is Jay’s puppet and unless something benefits him she’s not with it, whether it be business deals or friendships.

  9. Remy martin😂 I remember when the beef happened between nicki and cardi beyonce posted Nicki’s mugshot (that they used on tour) a day (or 2) after on her website. I kinda felt like that was her picking a side. But cardis producer said recently her and bey were supposed to drop a record in 2017 but it was leaked so they scrapped it (which I kinda don’t believe).
    I didn’t think anything of nicki not getting ivy park but I thought it was weird beyonce never posted anything wearing Nicki’s fendi line but yet Nicki everytime says Bey is this Bey is that on queen radio, in interviews everywhere but they do nothing for her. I do feel like a lot of people are gonna backtrack since they’ve seen what the barbz have been capable of these last months.

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