August 18, 2022

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37 thoughts on “Old Hollywood Sugar

  1. Man that was sure good I ddnt want to stop reading!!! Where is the cast of the Brady Bunch??? Like the maid?? It’s been so long they probably passed away by now but wat all did they have to do like Marsha???

  2. When Kirk Douglas died Natalie wood’s name got trending right alongside him. Everybody was saying fuck him he raped Natalie it’s good he’s dead. Chile

  3. I like this segment too G, a real good read!! but yeah I’m still waiting on the Keri Washington tea? Will that be anytime soon?

  4. Thank you G!! I love when you do old Hollywood. I knew it was Kirk that rape Natalie when I saw the TV movie about her.

  5. Natalie’s mom ain’t shit! That braud made Natalie grow up before her time. I forgot what set it was and Natalie hurted her wrist. Natalie was crying and her mom had the nerve to said, “Stop crying suck it up and get it together and go back out and do it right!” Natalie was the bread winner for the Woods family until she married one of my favorite male actors, Robert Wagner. Only in return to sacrifice his wife.

    1. I loved Robert Wagner in “Hart to Hart” but had to let it go once I learned of his involvement in Natalie’s murder.

  6. 🗣G!!!! You r fukn tellin me that Lena Horne got down..laawwwwddd.. I was not expecting that 😱🤯 never disappoint..NEVUHHHH

  7. I remember in college my professor, who grew up watching John Wayne would tell us that “John Wayne was a man’s man, a real man and not with any of that sissy nonsense.” He would lose his mind if he found out how his boyhood hero really got down lol.

    Love the old Hollywood tea, keep it coming.

  8. Loved this! Eyes was wide open. For some reason Lena Horne gives me early Alicia Keys vibes like it could
    Go either way lol.

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