October 4, 2022

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28 thoughts on “Hot Takes 6/16/2020

  1. MGK in a new beard relationship. Works for MF since she won’t have the same issues as with BAG.

  2. I don’t get the drake and Nicki line. Are you saying that fans are deleting or giving up in drinking fan pages? I thought you guys said there will be a reunion this year. I’m confused on what you guys are saying

    1. @ckingperkins I was a little confused by that too. It seems like the fans are jumping ship and no longer wanting to run pages. But then it sounds like they’re reuniting as a team, which would be good. I’m guessing that they’re two different things that really have nothing to do with each other. Them reuniting has nothing to do with the fans tapping out. That’s just a guess…

    2. She was saying there’s been this sudden increase in drake and Nicki fan pages, so she wonders if it is like foreshadowing their reunion.

    1. I read comments and people were saying he’s not humble, but we know wtf going on. I don’t trust Qc label

      1. What does him being humble have to do with it ? The story a lot of people that know them are saying it was his sisters fight and he was defending her and just happened to be caught in the middle as the fatality.

    1. The public canceled her so to speak because she plagiarized some parts of her book and some celebrities came to her defense.

  3. MGK is fine when he ain’t looking drugged out. But after y’all spilled on him having/had STDs way back during an Ask G segment I kinda got turned off from him lol

  4. I dont see why everyone acting that way over what B Simone said. She is probably shocked at whats going on. If i were to stat listing the things i dont like about a man I guess everybody would want to kill me too.

    1. I don’t believe that’s what they are talking about. The celebs are forgiving her for plagiarizing parts of her book

    1. Lol but in her defense she was pregnant back to back.
      I thought it was because everyone blasted her on lying about Kevin McCall 🤷🏾‍♀️

  5. They giving these zlisters too much attention b.simone, I still don’t know her I heard a song on YouTube but where did she start from.

    1. Exactly… she’s got to be paying for publicity or something because I’m dodging every story on ig and YouTube like why should I care about her…

  6. The celebs can “forgive” B. Simone all they want. They aren’t the ones who are buying her stolen information. They aren’t the ones putting money in her pocket. So when a good chunk of her fan base stops giving her cash the celebrities can chip in and pay her bills. B. Simone STOLE somebody else’s work. I know they steal all the time in Hollyweird, with no complications. But in the REAL world that mess doesn’t fly. Those ppl are taking B. Simone to court, like they should.

    Happy Heavenly Birthday PAC 🙏👼.

  7. I feel bad for Yung Miami. I hope that it wasn’t a sacrifice cause CityGirls haven’t dropped music in a minute and they were pumping things up saying there were going to drop new music. Smh. All those women are corny AF on RHOA. I saw NeNe capitalizing off BLM, but that’s what it is. A tag line for money. It’s not really helping us in the big scope of things. I’m sorry but the whole Disney stock thing is really weird to me. That’s like some elite type of shit. Disney, one of the biggest companies that has been owned and has employed multiple child molesters?? Nice gesture but their coming out the wood works, yet more black men are being killed and I haven’t heard anything from these celebrities about that. Where are those kids stock options? B. Simone is wack and people should have been canceled her. She isn’t funny and when she started making money, just like all of those comedians who get IG famous, she lost herself. Money really changes people for the bad most times. I don’t feel bad for her. People are so weird.

    1. Yeah that Disney stock thing was weird as hell. That ain’t sit right with me I pray the lil girl is wise enough to understand this facade.

  8. The whole George Floyd (may he rest in peace) situation and the way it’s being handled, is giving me Nipsey vibes. They’ve created the same type of situation with Mr. Floyd as they did with Nipsey. It’s almost like the Nip and Kobe situation didn’t provide enough of a distraction for the world, so they needed to buy more time. On the one hand, I LOVE how everybody is coming together in an effort to combat racism and call the bullshit out. But something about it all makes me feel like there’s something really big in the background going on. Is it that half of Hollywood is on a timeout for f*ckin kids and all that nasty shit? I mean, what’s going on? Because there is definitely something. At least I think so.

    B. Simone and these celebrity backings. All I got to say about that is f*ck what they got to say. It’s not them that she got six figures out of. Those people that she scammed trusted her, and believed in her product enough to pay $35. Then she went and played them. Not cool. And half the celebrities probably done stole ideas from somebody themselves. Damn shame. If your talent ain’t there, let that shit marinate and come back to it without doing it on the backs of others. Bottom line is whether or not she outsourced something or not, it was up to HER to go back over it to see whether or not it was up to par. It’s a damn pamphlet for god’s sake. It would’ve taken her 8 damn minutes. I don’t feel sorry for her at all. Maybe if she was really up at 3 in the morning working on her non-nine-to-five… never mind.

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