September 30, 2022

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42 thoughts on “2nd Half It’s Time For You Guys To Tell Me what You want, Readings? Everyone Please Read.

  1. Hiiiiiii G… Can you put the segment names so we can pick?

    Hot picks are great of course! Short and sweet tea.

    Let me go thru to see which are my faves

    Thanks for all you do and for even asking us what we want to see!

    And you should do readings…

  2. I would like to hear more readings on celebrities. I enjoyed that bit you shared about Vanessa/Kobe. What is the true tea on why 50 cent fell out with his sons mom? Did he really have someone burn her house down? Can you give more details about the rituals that the rappers have done specifically, if you can? You have given a lot of details about what they may have done but who has had to do more then gay/ sacrificial ones? Do they gather monthly with certain people to practice. What male rapper has been MK’d that is currently putting out music? I would be careful about doing readings for some of the people on the blog incase they later get in their feelings or don’t like what you say, and decide to talk shit on the gram. I’m sure you will find a good way to figure it out tho? What do you see happening to the industry in the future if we can make it out of this corona mess?

  3. I love everything you do with the blogs. I love getting the backstory to any popular story that is happening. Even if it’s days or weeks later that you get to explain it. I would like to know what level these Instagram stars and reality tv people are on? Do they perform rituals once they get to a certain point? But I mean I still love the blog the way it is.

  4. I love Hot Takes, PR Diaries, Hoetails, Ask G, Hot off the press & Blind Items.

    I think having set days for set posts would be cleaner! That’s a good idea! That way we know what to expect on which day. Sometimes I log into the blog throughout the day and see nothing new posted and get Sad 🙁

  5. I am ALWAYS entertained by what you give. Been with you since you began this and I have no issues. I would like to know more about past tea. Maybe call it Blast from the Past…idk

  6. The readings aren’t my cup of tea. Song deciphers are dope. Is there any info on Bravo Tv “celebrities” especially the housewives and Andy?

  7. PR diaries and Hoetails are always good. I love the old tea lol. But perhaps you can come up with a new segment that’s solely dedicated to covering suspicious celebrity deaths. Whenever someone that isn’t elderly dies I always assume foul play, even if they give another cause of death. Lee Thompson Young and Charmayne Maxwell of the group Brownestone comes to mind.

  8. Hey G!
    I really love when you do readings, and I personally would be interested if you offered readings to us as well!

  9. I love everything! I’d like more readings, blinds are fun too. I’m partial to the 90s so l love reading that tea.

  10. I like everything. Would love to know more about these Instagram hoes. I mean everything, how much they charge for sex, what they do in Dubai etc.

    Another thing is celebs networth. Do they really have that money or do they just lie.

    Oh and rhoa. Nene is just so pathetic at times. What are their networth? Do they yatch

  11. I love everything !! However i do want a personal reading really bad lol! Even if i have to pay for it on the sideeeee i will ! ‘Cause bayyybeee that Vanessa reading? Lord i need one lol

  12. I love it all. I would love more stories about some of the more modern child and pop stars and some stars we don’t here much about like Kelly Clarkson, Demi Lovato, Halsey, Pink, Etc….or people we don’t talk about at all like JoJo

  13. This blog does a great job with balance. I like all of it and classic sugar, blind sugar segments, backstories are my favorite! I’m a life fan and subscriber

  14. I love everything! I also saw some people mention Bravo/Housewives and Jhené Aiko! I definitely want some more info on them. Also can I know who in the industry isn’t down with the elites!!?!

  15. G I love the old sugar! The stuff that we wouldn’t know because there was no social media and not many people were talking about it back then!

  16. I love the idea of having different segments on different days. And keeping those segments on their individual day.

  17. I’m still loving everything on this site. G, please add readings on these celebrities especially Lauren London and Nipsey Hussle. Lauren still think she slick with her fake green juice ass. G will you be adding readings for us normal people? You got all kinds of gifts. We appreciate you!

  18. I may be coming from left field with some of these suggestions but hear me out;
    A segment on the WWE, obviously it’s fake, but is there anything demonic going on there, agenda pushing, Vince McMahon being worth so much and having Our Prezz on the show once upon a time. I might be reaching

    Also, I LOVE the articles about the govt, dark undertones to everything. Can you do anything you can without being in harm about the inner workings more? Also, more detail about the sacrifices, rituals, how they work, who partakes, etc.

    Lastly, I feel like I’m not alone on this, but in this day and age it’s so difficult to be know as someone who does Acid, can you maybe go over how prominent it still is in the music industry, also which rappers (FUTURE) summon demons in the studio or do/can they summon past musicians. My theory is Futures summons the spirit of Jimi Hendrix, hence why hes HNDRX. Idk I may need to stretch before I reach.

  19. Inner workings of the 13 families as well, are any industry plants related or tied back to them? Also, how can you find out if you yourself are related to the families?

  20. I do enjoy the blog there’s always something interesting!
    With every thing going on in the world I would love to know more about current news but I do also like how u keep it light so if you could find a way to tell us secrets of politics and government without losing your blogs aesthetic that would be helpful.
    Also I have a lot of questions involving T Hanks, Ellen and NOprah, but I figured that story is still developing.
    I have always wondered about Kid Cudi… I thought he was projected to be the next big thing but he’s in and out of radar.. What’s up with his relationship with Mr West they seem a little estranged ??

    Thank you!!!

  21. I for one would love for you to do more readings on stars that have passed and maybe tie it in with some sugar that you may have. Kinda like confirmation of their dealings. The next thing is 90’s tea and possibly six degrees of separation. For example Kim Porter passed. I heard that she made Heavy D the god father of Quincy. Heavy passed and he was initially signed to Andre Harrells record company. The other thing is classic tea. It’s so interesting to hear about the legends in their hay day.

  22. Similar to how you did Nickelodeon stories, can you do the same for other shows? For example, That’s So Raven, Did Disney make Shia LaBuff go crazy!?, Hannah Montana, etc.

  23. Was Kate Spade a sacrifice/who for or killed?
    Did Liam Neeson sacrifice his wife on that “skiing” trip?
    Did Cher Sacrifice Sonny?
    Was Amy Winehouse a sacrifice similar (not in magnitude) of Whitney Houston?
    Rolling Stones and all other UK bands from back then we’re Satanist and can be blamed for the prevalence of that in American Music today?(did acid play a part in that evil?$

  24. I like hot takes, word has it, blind sugar, def jam parties, any old celebrity tea. The core of your work is excellent.

    I’m not interested in Readings (please make that a separate package), I would appreciate less Nicki Minaj but I know that you’re a diehard fan.

    I would like more of the behind the scenes stuff for example the Masonic obsession with numbers, rituals, color codes in the media. I would also like sugar on more current celebs like Issa Rae, Yara Shahidi, Lena Waithe, Jarrod Carmichael, Ava Duvernay, etc.

  25. Hi Ms. G,
    Would we be able to offer feed back in the comments on your readings. Like, would we be able to offer our interpretation of what your cards mean too us? I love doing readings.

  26. TY for all you do. I love the word has it and the old Hollywood sugar. I also enjoy the blind sugar but I rarely figure them out. The reading on Vannessa B was very interesting too. Idk about tarot but always wondered the how to of it.

  27. I don’t have any issues with what’s currently provided by you and Heaven Hollywood. However, I do have one request, I’d love to see you update your profile picture. You were pretty then but I’m sure you age like fine wine so please update it. #runninggamebutverysincere

  28. Hi G,

    Thank you for all you do!! Hope you are doing well during these tough times!!! Can you talk about the current race war with BLM and who’s pushing the agenda for the wrong reasons? What’s up with Kendrick Lamar, Killer Mike and do you know anything NY rapper Mysonne? Also, on the complete other side of the spectrum, can you talk more about what’s going on with the Jersey Shore cast? After the season finale, it seems like this might be the end for that franchise.

    Thanks again!!

  29. i really miss how much you used to do the “Ask G” segments and i would love to see more of that…i also love hoe tails and the blind sugars…the new segment you started a couple months ago i also really like (where you give us the sugar thru the pr chats)…although i don’t log on much these days, when i do im here for a WHILE catching up and i LOVE IT ALL!!!

  30. I;m interested in what’s going on with August Alsina, I saw his documentary on youtube and it’s pretty interesting. So I have to know the unspoken tea on him.

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