October 3, 2022

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31 thoughts on “Hot Takes 6/14/20

  1. I’m glad there’s gonna be a reunion for nikki and drake
    Who’s the person that’s bisexual

  2. Well judging from the Hassan and rih posts I’ve read, it seems what was supposed to be a break ended up being a break up when rih started being petty, dressing skimpy and hanging with exes; hence why Hassan ended it. She kinda brought it on herself. She need to go get that man back! They had they issues like every couple but at least they were more on than off unlike her other relationships.

    I’m glad a young money reunion will happen, they need to stop playing and remember that they are apart of rap history. All this distance and being at odds shouldn’t be happening.

    Now cardi about to step into territory she don’t wanna be in, no label is gonna let you own your masters especially if she making them as much money as they claim she is. Don’t forget your main task was to knock Nicki off the throne to the public, now that that is complete you are totally disposable.

  3. Cardi too early in her career asking for stuff like that. Everybody was dragging Meg for the same thing only difference is Meg don’t have an album out yet

    1. Russell been a rapist. That’s why he hiding out in Bali, cause there’s women on his ass about what he’s done here in the states.

  4. I thought A I was still with his wife. Not surprised if Nicki, Drake, and Wayne link back up.

  5. -Monica keeps dating these bad boys and then gets mad when they break her heart. Like girl what you expect.
    – Wayne must miss Dhea because he keeps dating clones of her.
    -I like Cardi’s music but she can easily be replaced. It’s so many strippers that can rap( some can rap and writer better) and have the same fun over the top personality that she has. It’s sad that no one pulled her to the side and told her she was easy prey and would be getting only a fraction of what she deserves.

  6. I never liked Russell Simmons.

    I like single Pisces. Pisces in love lose their shit every time when they love the person. Rihanna needs to get her shit together.

    Monica is lame.

  7. I was just saying when I saw the Wayne and Nicki interview that I wanted a young money album! Hopefully this reunion means that will happen. Also what makes you guys think that they will reunite? Will drake still do that song with Cardi. Will Nic be ok reconciling with him when he does?

  8. Where do I start, Monica nooooo. Isn’t AI an alcoholic? Can Cardi B really leave? Didn’t they make her? And my is Megan brought up into this? She isn’t her best friend. RiRi know they weren’t gonna work unless she is looking at him as her way out. I believe Russel did it, now that the dust settle he’s now speaking up. That’s bs.

  9. I should’ve known Monica was seeing AI. She’s been posting him a lot on her IG page and I was thinking when did they get so close…guess I got my answer.

  10. Monica likes her thugs. I don’t think Rih and Hassan would have made it because there were too many differences between them culturally. I hope Waynes new girl will tell him to cut those raggedy ass dreads! How does Cardi have masters when she didn’t even write anything?

  11. – Russell Simmons is disgusting!! How do you have 2 daughters & rape other ppl daughters?! Sick af
    – I wonder why Wop is leaving👀
    – What did Kevin say? To confirm y’all receipts?
    – I feel so bad for Rih. All she wants is true love! I wonder if she would consider a regular man? Not tied to anything like the entertainment industry or politics?
    – 69 although i don’t agree with the snitching I’m loving how he ain’t playing with these cappers in the music industry😂

  12. Lol cardi got one album that they probably spent big money to push and she thinks they’re gonna give her, her master’s lol she really thinks she did something major in her career like she beyonce or micheal jackson lol bye.

  13. I don’t even know what to think about all of this. I think Tekashi is funny and he is trolling just like he should be. Everyone has too many opinions on him. Let him hang himself or don’t. Who cares. Rihanna gets what she gets. She is so wack to me and how she acts is walker, but people love her. People take a blind eye to her and her antics. She out there chasing ASAP Rocky and shit, like girl grow up. This Nicki and Drake shit is just blah to me at this point. He so fake and we know this is some Wayne shit getting them back together. He is going to always be salty with her. This would restore some of allies because Drake is big. Idk he just seems like he would turn his back on her. And the Cardi situation, she is gonna have to really do some shit and pull some big numbers to get ownership of those masters. She has a lot of leverage but she gonna have to sell that babies soul I’m sure. Hollywood is sad AF.

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