October 3, 2022

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38 thoughts on “Another Vanessa Bryant Reading Reveals Troublesome Things

  1. Wow… You do Tarot, G? That’s interesting! I thought that would be considered unChristian and ungodly…

    I believe in Tarot, but just surprised you do

      1. Tarot cards tell what has happened what is happening and what could happen Hopefully Vanessa will.take the steps to avoid the what could happen but first she must deal with what she is feeling right now This makes me what to get my Cards

      2. it is and i have to stop My mom does not approve and I am working on rebuilding my life but it gets you in touch wth yourself I do not sggest it and I must stop it because it is ungodly

      1. Well I don’t consider tarot cards as Magic because I can’t put spells on myself or other people just like I don’t think a crystal ball is magic I can’t cause any harm to anyone with Tarot cards you can read tarot using playing cards

    1. t is and i have to stop My mom does not approve and I am working on rebuilding my life but it gets you in touch wth yourself I do not sggest it and I must stop it because it is ungodly

  2. So crazy. Immediately after I read thus article I went to media takeout and the headline read multiple professional athletes slide into Vanessa Bryant’s DMs.

  3. I disrespect to Kobe fans.. he sounds very narcissistic and manipulative… I feel so bad for her.

    1. Kobe was a Virgo and Vanessa is a Taurus like me. Highly compatible, but Virgos are narcissistic people because they want everything to be perfect.

  4. This is so sad to hear. I assumed when you pass on, you are made whole and don’t feel earthly feelings of ill will anymore. Unless you choose to stay in the inbetween and don’t reflect on your wrongs. Thats crazy if Kobe is still feels possessive over Vanessa after what has happen. Then again it could be that he knows she isn’t mentally ready to move on yet and she going in the wrong direction.

  5. G I think a tarot segment would be a nice touch to the blog. I for one have gotten very interested in tarot these last few months and this breakdown was descriptive and interesting!

      1. I agree that this would be a good segment to add on the blog. I love tarot cards readings.

  6. Tarot is fascinating to me… How does these cards read someone’s future? I need a break down on how it all works.

    1. I watch em on YouTube and still don’t understand I’ve been watching for 6 months now. I just listen to the messages.

      1. Yeah I have a deck of African American tarot cards that are beautiful and also have some Black history on them, but I really don’t know how to really do a reading even with watching tutorials. It’s definitely interesting.

  7. Hate to say it but while he was on this earth he was till the cheating man that he always was toward her! Sad I hope she and her babies find peace and I hope she can move

  8. Heaven did a whole video yesterday trying to get to VB and have her warned of the evils. Telling her to reach out to shaq and Magic. This black man putting on the cape and enlisting other black men to put on capes for this non black woman who wouldn’t look heaven’s way if he was on fire. Has heaven done a video for Breonna Taylor? This right here is why I do not cape for some black men. This little snotty widow will be fine and if she ain’t, that’s HER problem.

    1. I agree! The very first time I saw who Vanessa was in a picture I wasn’t interested she did look snotty.

    2. Heaven is a die hard Kobe fan it had nothing to do with Vanessa, and I take offence to that because I did a study in LA and she allowed me and 2 other people who she never met stay in her townhouse and she was very nice people Judge people all the time and lets not forget she was married to a black man I am sure Heaven was saying that and naming those men only because they were the closest and he feels as though they would be fair to Kobe’s wife has nothing to do with Vanessa he has been a lLaker Fan his whole life

  9. Hey G. I think adding tarot readings as a segment would be dope. I was feeling this! Do you do paid readings as well?

    1. I was thinking about it but it would be only for certain days because i am taking on so much now

  10. I saw one reading where it said Kobe wasn’t with Gianna. But Gianna was definitely in Heaven. I hope she was wrong 🙁

  11. I don’t understand and I need help. This is not to invoke argument, but for clarification. At the end, you mentioned to be careful and trust God, however you didn’t go to Him for the answers that you seek, you went to Tarot. With prayer, could God not have told you the same and you trusted it?

    1. Because God is never going to tell you what you need to be careful of evil spirits love drama and they love to scare you just like God is never going to warn you about death because God is about Life and again I have admitted before i need to stop completely

  12. Wow, I hope everything works out for Vanessa and her babies. I know she’s super exhausted having to deal with everything. A tarot segment would be dope, but since you feel like you should stop it’s not necessary to add. Go with your gut sweets.

    Thanks G, great job! ❤️

  13. I hope everything works out for her and her daughters. She has more than enough money to just chill. As for her blocking people on social media I can t say she’s right/wrong. People genuinely loved her husband. So she will continue to see him everywhere. Matter of fact in my opinion she should log off social media for a while. She keeps posting what she doesn’t want to see. Or maybe she feels she should be the only one to post? Idk
    Great tarot read. I did a reading for my self and had me scared. Everything I pulled came to pass😩
    I also agree with it’s not Godly but yet not everyone can actually do a reading accurately. So if you are able to do an accident reading then you have a gift. And to me that gift was given by God, I refuse to give anyone/anything else credit.
    The Bible also says not worship idols yet, you walk in the Catholic Church and there are idols everywhere.
    Thanks for the Dope read G

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