September 30, 2022

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37 thoughts on “More Hoetails : They Linked up and You Probably never Knew…UPDATED

  1. I totally forgot about that Milli chick from BGC her whole entire thing was being the black girl Justin Bieber smashed Chile

    How the hell is Shaq gonna cheat on HOOPZ with NATALIE NUNN!?! Chile Chile Chile

    Alicia and Justin Timberlake. Hmmm maybe it shouldn’t have happened because he’s a racist? Just a thought. Lol

    1. Hoopz and Natalie the same type of thot lol it just worked better for one than the other Chile 😂😂😂

  2. Whew everybody be fucking everybody no winder I’m always hearing half of them have the herp if not all whew. Everytime I see Ronnie in the news I laugh a little because Sam was right the entire time. She had her faults but he was very clearly the issue in the entire relationship seeing as how he’s still having the same problems in his new relationship. I was always a Sammi Sweetheart fan 😂

  3. Shaq money long chile i guess that’s how they do it cause to me he look like a big goofy dude! Hoopz is a pretty girl to me man her ass knew she ddnt like flavor flav. She was wit Shaq for a while but hell she probably ddnt like his ass like that either. And dam Lil Kim wonder who else she had in Jr Mafia🤔 she was my fav back in the day tho in the video with all those diff color wigs.

  4. This is like Six Degress of F—keration! It’s like a jigsaw puzzle of who f—ked who. Ray-J was hitting Lil Kim and Pam Anderson who were friends Pam (who was also married to Tommy Lee and contracts Hep C) moves on to Usher who may or may not have Herpes and who also dated Chili (who also is rumored to have her own alleged hit list to allegedly include Prince and we all know about Dallas Austin). Usher Is rumored to have slept with Diddy who was screwing Penelope Cruz (Tom Cruise) Sienna Miller (Jude Law) Cameron Diaz (Drew Barrymore) and Lauren London (Nipsey Hustleand also rumored to have her own hit list) not too mention three baby mamas who each have their own hit lists and a whole relationship with Cassie. I think everybody has screwed Draya both men and women. Mase is smashing Lil Kim who was smashing Biggie who was married to Faith Evans (who is rumored to have smashed someone in 112 and a basketball player which she mentioned in her book). Biggie then seeing Charli Baltimore who allegedly crept with Jay-Z who has “allegedly“ been linked to Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Blue Cantrell, Rosario Dawson among many others and then marries Giselle who also has an alleged hit list to include Chico Debarge and Marcus Houston. Also didn’t Lil Kim move on to Biggie’s friend D-Roc? Didn’t Mase smash Brandy who was with Wanya who was hitting Adina Howard? And then Alicia Keys and Justin Timberfake… oops I meant Timberlake 😂😂😂. But Alicia Keys is supposed to be a whole lesbian. The coochie holes, the booty holes, and dicks go deep in that town and its safe to say everyone in Hollywood has screwed each other or screwed every other person. And this only skims the surface.

  5. I just can’t see Alicia Keys and Justin Timberlake doing. I’m not shock at all with and mase.

  6. I remember Morgan from big they thought she was a man. I liked her she put up a fight.

    But Shaq is huge. I really want to see a picture of his penis🤷🏾‍♀️

    Princess and Draya do not look alike to me, but when you want someone soooo bad you see them in whoever you with at the moment lol

    So who did Draya end up with drake or trey that night?

  7. Great read. Read it a few times. Damn is Ray J really that good???
    It’s probably trash now 🙁 like Trey Songz

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