October 3, 2022

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23 thoughts on “Hot Takes 6/10/2020

  1. Nene girl please spill and what’s you and Greg’s secret?
    I hope nikki is pregnant she will give me a hope
    Iggy next
    Kylie bye
    Beyoncé Can’t Act!!! I don’t care if the beehive sees this your god sucks monkey balls

    1. Beyoncé definitely can’t act. She was horrible in every movie she ever played in and she can’t even do voice overs correctly. I wish she just go away🤣🤣🤣

  2. I definitely see a little bump on Nikki, Bye Gisselle, and I’m tired of Kylie. That’s all I have 😂😂😂

  3. I’m not a Kardashian fan, but I do work in HR for a large Fortune 50 company and I have to say 13% is much higher number than most of corporate America. Companies are usually averaging 2-3%, companies who say they value diversity are about 6-8% on a good day, and none are 100% female or even close to 47% BIPOC. If those numbers are real, that’s amazing.

  4. Summer Walker stated a while back when she did an interview with Ari Lenox that she had her ass done

  5. Nicki and 6ix 9ine. My thoughts? Let Nicki do her! The world has decided they hate both of them, for separate reasons, so why not come together and make some music? Nicki is damned if she do, and damned if she don’t. I’m just glad that her skin is thick enough to not give a single fuck. I with them nothing but high charting and beyond! And if she’s pregnant, congrats to her. She’s wanted to be a mother for a while. Motherhood is a beautiful experience.

    The news of Iggy having a son came out when she had the baby, I thought. She actually debuted his little hand on social media or somewhere. I don’t remember where, but it’s been known.

    Summer admitted to having her ass done a while back, don’t know why she’d think she needed to do it again. Said she wanted a little more because she didn’t have much back there. At least that’s what I remember reading on one of those IG pages some time ago.

    R.I.P to Jas Fly. Such a loss. May she rest in peace.

    Stassi and Kristin… oh damn well. Stassi and her, “I’m so tired of everything being about African Americans…” ass. It’s about time. Kristin, is a follower and probably went along with it to stay in Stassi’s good graces b/c she wants to be in her ass so bad. Surprised that Katie didn’t get involved. Bet she’s glad she didn’t. And the only reason they were mad at Faith was because Jax fucked her. I guess it was all the black girl’s fault. FOH. And Bravo said they have, “No comment…” when asked if Jax would be fired too. Because he also made statements about Faith. That ‘no comment’ could mean his punk ass is on the way out too. And that would be just WTH he gets. He’s trash. And the other two dudes that won’t be returning next season, Lisa defended BOTH of their actions on the reunion last night. Talking about they were remorseful. Really, Lisa? One of their asses got a whole biracial mother, and a FULL black grandfather. Anyway, I liked Lisa up until that point, so I won’t be tuning into any of the upcoming seasons. It was just something to chill to on a Tuesday anyway.

    Giselle the zoned out clone… don’t care. Lol! She’s a whole other girl from the person that used to perform her ass out. Don’t know who THAT is.

    Kylie… shoulder shrug. No comment.

    NeNe! When the tea coming?! I can’t wait! Because they been real consistent about trying their best to bring out THEE worst. Especially, in US. And will Carlos King be brought into the conversation? I’ll be patiently waiting.

    1. You took the words right out of my mouth on each point ESPECIALLY on Stassi, Kristen, Jax & Lisa!!!

    2. Thank u for shedding light on Lisa, was a fan but didn’t know she defended them. Time to switch it up!

  6. Not surprised about Bey. I really used to like her, but she does so much stuff that just makes me side eye her. All of these celebs. Why would you sign these deals with all these oppressive ass companies, yet you are for black people? Make it make sense. Doesn’t. Bravo is wack!! I i ok n my watch RHOBH and since they added Garcelle, I feel like even then they are scared to interact with her because she is black. Throw the whole network away. I saw someone in the comments say that Lisa defended those guys in the reunion last night, she needs to be fired too. Jax just needs a good ass whooping by some real dude since he so tough and hates black people. You can look at Lisa and just tell she ain’t shit. I mean they showed how fake she was on RHOBH. I still don’t get how you can be mad at black men for wanting white women when you made them want them by putting them on a pedestal as being the acceptable choice. That’s y’all fault. And I’m over Nene, because if it was so bad at Bravo, then why you still cashing those checks? As they say, all money ain’t good money. Kylie Jenner makes me like her more and more. He statistics are really great to see. No it’s not as many black people as it could be, but how many major companies have entire black staffs and it not be fast food? 100% women too, let me go see if she hiring! She’s doing more than most companies, so I think we should be a bit more grateful that some companies are taking steps to make changes to include us in positions that we deserve.

  7. As of the Queen album and lawsuit settlement YMCMB is no longer an entity ; as of the RICO , 3way is no longer a viable business entity ( never was in the 1st place ALLEDGEDLY ) SO WHO ARE THEY ACTUALLY SIGNED TO RIGHT NOW ? It makes sense for them to work together , they are both literal outcast / soundclouds in the game SMDH !

    I hope Giselle doesnt hand her kids over to that mouse for no type of pizza party , they never satisfied but enough is enough !

    LMAO Summer is the one that look like she got a press on nose on her face , now she got her butt pumped too SMDH !

    We all have to agree that bloggers suddenly passing right now is strange so if G starts acting erratic or stops posting then we know the cabal aint playing fair , so thats all I have so say about that IDK !

  8. Jas was a head writer on the show ‘This Is Us’ & Jim Carrey’s show ‘Kidding’ on Showtime. Did they say how she passed???

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