October 3, 2022

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26 thoughts on “The Truth About Young Pharoah And His ” Wokeness”

  1. Thank you for this confirmation. Because i have seen clips of him floating around and I never get a genuine feeling from his messages. He always talks down on us and can easily point out what we do wrong as people but can’t offer a positive word of encouragement about existing efforts.

  2. Is he Fee brother? Lol. SMH I tell you, people have no shame. Doing all of that for money?! When it’s your tone to go, you can’t take that money with you.

  3. I’ve been told he was a Scam a while back. Finessing people using words to manipulate. 🤦🏾‍♀️

  4. I’m with you on this one, all people have to do is listen to him long enough to know that he’s a damn fraud I’m all for uplifting black people too but this raggedy mouth roach be doing the damn most he reminds me of a younger version of umar Johnson and all people have to do is a little research and you will find the truth all that ninja does is remind me that he can read big words eff him forever……whew chile I had to let that one off because I’m sick of him

  5. His deep state breakdowns be making a bunch of sense and he provides receipts to back up his claims, i gotta give him that. Now as for how he gets his money I’m not sure but if he is truly scamming like that then that’s wrong. It wouldn’t be a surprise considering I’m sure YouTube ain’t paying him if he out here blasting folks that we know are powerful and dangerous.

    His support of trump was what has always had me slightly hesitant, since we know of trump’s dirty laundry. And as for his criticism of our people, again can’t lie some of the stuff is true about us that we don’t like to admit or hear, and then other times he just flying off the handle being rude, mean, or whatever. It’s very teeter totter with him.

    1. My thing is Biden isn’t better than Trump…Hes easier to control, he’s for the elites agenda to depopulate and kill black communities, don’t let the dems fool you Biden is responsible for a Crime Bill that has put black men in jail for years for small amounts of drugs…that bill has allow🤷‍♀️d the police to treat black people badly. Biden is using our sadness for George to help his campaign bc he’s a terrible candidate, he’s terrible at speeches and a closet racist. I can go on but everyone should definitely do research on him also and he’s not for us he’s not mentioning any to better our communities bc they use us and give us nothing in return… We need Reparations

    2. All of this⬆️
      And to add, His voice is kinda annoying. He almost whines. He begs while claiming not to be a beger and acts feminine yet trying to talk tough. I definitely get scammer vibes and he repeats stuff OVER AND OVER

  6. I was just new to him and apparently he got into it with another awoke IG personality and was calling her all kinds of bi*ches and ho*s. I always see that as a red flag, an enlightened one who is unable to control his or her temper…consistently? We all get upset, we all express things differently, but the commons denominator was his rage towards BW. He does have some valid points here and there nonetheless. To each his own.

    1. Yeah I remember that. I was in awe. I’ve always side eyed him. I have a friend who always telling people to check him out and I’m like that dude has some fucked up energy. He got into it with my niece because she didn’t agree with this picture he posted about black people and poor white people coming together. He called her out her name too instead of agreeing to disagree. He is a little angry bird that needs to get his shit together,.

  7. He’s actually speaking on a lot of truth. The problem with the black community is that you turn on ppl who are actually trying to do better sometimes that doesn’t get executed well.

    1. Yup he definitely is but🤦‍♀️ people never believe what’s true… They rather ppl lie and use smoke screens

  8. This post literally spoke on his personal behavior and his sexual preference. I didn’t hear you say anything he says is false, just that he is apart of a real group who believes in the deep state and supports trump. Why can’t he support trump? Because we should be voting for Biden who also doesn’t care about black people either? That’s his political preference. The couple of videos I have watched, everything he has provided was actually able to be fact checked. He provides content just like this blog. Hell other YT pages. So I’m confused as to why people are saying he is a fraud. Maybe a scammer, or disrespectful to black women, but every person we discuss on this blog has been disrespectful to black women. Before Cardi put you on payroll, she disrespected black women, yet you support her on the blog and IG. At this point, people need to pick their outrage. So you can take everything this blog says, blindly but you question his evidence on Pizzagate? Oh so those Hilary emails are fake huh? Podesta and Weiner being rapist, that’s fake too? This page is part of the reason why I was able to really understand what he was saying because he discusses Freemason, the Illuminati and black history. His theory about Trump isn’t half off either, but you have to actually step outside of personal views to see it. Doesn’t mean I support trump, but if you can follow this blog, read the blind items, wait for mess to happen in real life, paying to be on this blog, then how is listening to him any different? Some of you have men who talk to you just as bad as he talks to his viewers.

    1. I had to stop reading the moment u mentioned Cardi. G was the 1st to expose Cardi and her label, she went hard on her. Im confused as to how people are NOW saying she is on her payroll. She ALWAYS exposes her. Yall get mad when G doesn’t deliver news you want to hear.

  9. I’ve never even heard of him, but Thank You for the heads up. I’m always very distrustful of folks who have their hands in my pockets at every turn..it doesnt sit well with me.

  10. This article totally makes you all sound like you’re on Deep State payroll. This was a total HIT PIECE.

    You actually had the nerve to say he was paid by QANON. That’s was all the confirmation I needed that you guys are running oops over here on people.

    Lot of folks lost there blogs to big Conglomerates now ran through a portfolio handled by Chelsea Clinton.
    B.Scott being the most visible urban blog.

    Instead of actually telling folks to listen to the INDISPUTABLE FACTS you all are doing a hit piece and have Absolutely NO CLUE about Q ANON.
    If you truly did you’d know the Q team doesn’t nor do they need to pay anyone. As a matter of fact he doesn’t even really touch on Q.
    Throwing that tidbit in there was so unnecessary and false.

    I challenge anyone in here to go watch it and then come here and she if shit lines up.

    I used to like this blog but so many questionable, OPPS moves I rarely visit. I, however could not stay quiet. Black folks in particular need to hear everything in this video. Not other blacks leading them away from it like you have done here.

    1. I agree, we tear each other down first…this article was a character assassination.. He is definitely spitting facts about real shit… You don’t have to like him… He’s really putting it out there… Stuff that can get him killed… Wake up

  11. I found him through Summer Walker sharing his “plandemic” video. Nothing about this virus has seemed “right” from the start…I tried watching the video Summer shared but her label made her take it off her IG page..

    The video is long and I’ve only watched 30 minutes so far. He curses, yells and talks down to black people in the video. How are we supposed to be receptive to his message with that horrible delivery? That’s a reason why I haven’t been eager to finish the video. I did learn in high school and college that the Democrat party was originally the more oppressive group and I’m just trying to figure out if his information credible or not. Even if he’s shady with donations.

  12. What about Marcus Rodgers? He’s a youtuber as well, and I’ve seen a lot of things about him. I don’t believe everything he talks about. But he seems iffy too

  13. Idk how people can see right through “Dr” Umar but can’t see through this guy smh I was following him back in 2015-16 and after I saw him putting more energy into fighting with Polight and his rap career instead of getting to the point I had to unfollow him. Lying ass 🙄

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