October 3, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Heaven Hollywood What they Not Telling About The Death of Brittany Murphy

  1. I remember That movie she played in on lifetime every single time it came on and I was able to catch it i watched it. She was a pretty girl to me and very talented. I’m surprised her mom did it cause now that I’m “woke” i woulda believed the Jews did it unless they paid the mom to do it. I’m assuming maybe she’s still alive somewhere or is she dead since nobody never heard or seen her again???

  2. I always wondered about Brittany then her husband. I heard this before that her mother was behind. Just awful. Your own daughter. So sad. I liked Brittany.

  3. Can you do a story on Lee Thompson Young? He played Jett Jackson on this Disney channel and allegedly committed suicide. I always believed his death was so weird.

  4. Nothing surprises me anymore and I could believe something like this could happen.

    There are literally mothers out there jealous of their own daughters and sabatoge their relationships, because they were not happy with themselves. I’ve seen other family members and friends go through things like this. It’s sickening!! Just toxic and dangerous.

  5. This is exactly what was said on the docuseries on the ID channel last week. I wish there was knew info because they also implied her mother killed her. Actually the day hired a private pathologist to test her hair and that’s how they found it about the poison in her hair. He actually says he feels she killed Brittany. The mom wouldn’t let them exhume her body to test even more so the dad gave up the fight. This was a sad sad story.

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