October 4, 2022

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21 thoughts on “Pr Diaries: The Truth Behind Some Of Hollywood’s Biggest Celebrity Affairs

    1. It’s crazy bc Arnold’s son with the maid looks more like him than his kids with his (now ex) wife. I would always see his son with the maid at the gym before he graduated hs and went off to college.

  1. The maid was older, unattractive, and had a so-so figure…. but probably had some BOMB psssy. They probably had good chemistry. Looks aren’t everything.

  2. I was in London when this went down, then dragged the fuck out of Simon Cowell.

    And I bet Naomi do

  3. Naomi Watts and Sam Jackson..wowww who would’ve thought. I would never thought he would cheat with a becky

  4. Yeah Simon was and still isn’t 💩, for doing that to his “friend”. The wife is trash too.

    When it is all said and done Maria will be a Kennedy. What does Molly the maid do now 😂.

    Oh Sam 😂.

  5. Goddamn goddamn !!!! This is crazyyyyy!! About Samuel L Jackson but then again I am not surprised!

    1. I’m surprised his actress wife LaTanya Richardson haven’t went upside his head for this stunt.

  6. Chile that same tea took me out 😂😂. About Simon though…I heard the affair was a cover up to hide him and his friends real relationship and she had the baby for them ☕️☕️ Don’t know how true that it

  7. Samuel and Naomi!! Wow. But that scene did have me wondering if they ever did something….off screen.

  8. Finally something on Samuel. Dang, I love the relationship he has with his wife. 🤦🏾‍♀️

  9. Wait…Hold up there now…what about Paula Patton and Robin Thicke?! The first pic is of them and I’ve been wondering about that ish from the moment they broke up. Her ass was acting real weird right before their split. On red carpets she was acting drugged and she looked dazed af! Then she chopped all her hair off. She was just looking/acting a hot mess! G please spill that thur tea!!!

    1. Robin is such a pig!! 😩 I remember my boy worked security at a hotel where the Tom Joyner Family Reunion was taking place… after Robin’s performance he escorted him up to the room with a bunch of groupies. Paula was pregnant at the time

  10. Bro my fave is Arnold. I had to go look up the story again. It’s so crazy bc it’s the ones that are the side baby’s that become what the parents always wanted

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