August 18, 2022

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22 thoughts on “The Truth About 90’s Tea: The Back Stories (Part 1)

  1. Whew chile that Brandy sugar!!!

    I hadn’t heard much about Mase being with Aaliyah or Brandy but he does throw their names in the last verse of his song “Lookin At Me”

  2. Now these are the teas that are much more interesting… I hope there’s more parts to this…keep em coming

    1. what are your complaints? I se lately people ae finding things to complain about. I will go search for a complain

  3. Who knew Brandy rolled that way? I guess the song by Biggie and Junior Mafia song and video about Faith was accurate as hell!

  4. Dang so Benny popped big willie’s poop hole and he hasn’t been the same smh
    Maybe that book on hip hop was true

  5. Whew the tea is too🔥 Can we get some sugar on Rih & Chris word on the street is they’ve been working on their “friendship” on DL now since Rih been stuck in LA for months & BM2 stuck in Germany. They’re the best kept celebrity secret bcuz everyone is friends with both.

  6. Isn’t Brandys tea-with her being so young but was bodying Radio and TV, part of the ritual stuff? Like doesnt that sleeping around stuff come with it? Also, who were they dealing with from junior mafia because Mase not part of them.

  7. This is random but 90’s related. I was watching Brandy “ I wanna be down” remix video. I’m wondering why they had her surrounded by these obvious lesbians lol (except maybe Yo-Yo) singing about Dick lol.

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