September 30, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Hot Takes 5/23/20

  1. Dang I hate when I read the blog and no comments have been made… because I read it to soon after it post….I be ready for some pop awwwfs in the comments section 😫😫😫😒😒

    1. I thought I was the only one that’s equally intrigued by the comments as I am with the articles.

  2. Sooooo Teyana is pregnant again??? But is Kandi & Phaedra “down”??? I’ve been asking this question for quit sometime now.

  3. Dave East out here being a drug dealer ??!!! He was caught with weed. Need to do more research on him G. His best friend just died I wanna know more about that one.

    Kandi and Phaedra hmmmmm I wanna lil tea on them Cause this stems from the alleged lying of the drugging of Porsha.

    Yeah Teyana does give me that vibe since you confirmed it. It made more since that she was carpet munching. 🤣🤣

    I feel soooo bad for Maia Campbell , she has to go get some help that mental health is no joke. Can’t play with that And it’s a sensitive thing especially amongst our community.

  4. I don’t blame kandi because that rape allegation could’ve went all the way left and me as a rape survivor I feel like people shouldn’t play with that term because it’s already hard to prove especially for black women

  5. Phaedra is a spiteful, hateful person. I don’t understand how people can stay screaming ‘bRiNg bAcK pHaEdRa’ when this woman thought of & set up a WHOLE POSSIBLE CAREER ENDING lie. Not only that but she also added on that Todd was cheating on Kandi in NYC (& he hadn’t been to NYC since his mother died). This woman is pure evil.
    She’s not a good lawyer either, hasn’t won any cases, lied on Apollo whilst he was in prison acting like she didn’t know what his living was when in fact the book Angela Staton wrote exposed Phony Phae Phae as the mastermind behind the whole operation having the other 3 people do the work (Apollo included). This woman is evil.
    I don’t think bravo would ever bring her back on RHOA, it’s just too political in today’s world of #MeToo moments, RKelly etc. Accusing someone of such a thing is too risky for a network like bravo to take on (at least I think so). I can just imagine the amount of backlash they’d get for bringing her back on.

    1. Phaedra didn’t make up the Kandi story. Rhoa producer Carlos King told her the “secret” as part of a story line, as they do with the others, and she presented it to Porsha. Carlos was fired for starting the rumor. Phaedra is still taking the heat. Either way almost all of the drama on the show is started by lies.

  6. Kandi needs to go anyway with her slick throwing the 6s up and she was on Masked Singer, too. Kandi is downtown Julie Brown and proud of it.

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