October 3, 2022

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25 thoughts on “Drake’s Unreleased Song Leaked, Kylie’s Promo, and Travis’ (Drake) Diss Record

  1. 🤮🤮🤮I love drake but dang his penis has been every damn where. Smh I forget how Hollywood is one big orgy. That’s why I don’t understand how they can be like oh she a hoe or you a hoe…y’all all sleeping with each other!

  2. Drake should feel guilty. How that is gonna be your “homie” and you smashed his woman once upon a time. Travis is better than me. I would keep it cordial for professional reasons, but I be damn if I break bread with you as a friend. And Kylie, straight trash. Out of all the dudes out there you couldn’t find a stranger to cheat with. But wanna look at Jordyn strange.

    Drake better leave Kylie alone. They are already after him. If he is caught with this girl in any form(whisper/etc) , he is gonna look crazy out here in these streets, being that he is “friends” with Travis.

    1. Nah he never clapped kris Jenner Diddy smacked him Cause he was smiling in Cassie face and she ran back and snitched lol

  3. Chile, Drake don’t mean himself no good. Wasn’t he smashing Kylie’s momma?? Mess all around.

  4. I lowkey don’t blame Kylie. Plus Travis was cheating on her (the nerve) so oh well….besides imma be honest with my bias Travis is ugly but drake is fine lol I didn’t understand why Rihanna was entertaining him and didn’t understand why Kylie entertained and got pregnant by him.

  5. I could have sworn G said that Diddy slapped him over Cassie and Kris. I remember at one point Drake was in Calabasas so much, I thought he was Drake Kardashian. Both Jenner sisters were in him and PND song. Maybe I’m trippin.

    1. You can’t blame travis for that him and kylie moved too fast and he been had girls before him and kylie. He just went with a bigger name and played a role.

  6. I love Kanye idc. They better stop playing with travis before he spazz. He too quiet. He probably knows drake not even worth it. Drake literally goes after other men women on purpose. Whole time the rumors about kim were really about kylie. They use kim name as a default. Drake is soooooooo messy.

  7. Clearly drake likes them young yet and still people are in denial of him texting inappropriately with underage girl’s 🙄🤦🏾‍♀️

      1. A guy friend of mine just said the same thing he said once you 18 you can get it. I said that’s still a lil girl and his bm is wayyyy younger its nasty and weird to me.

  8. I hope Rihanna don’t go back to this jerk. Three years ago he claimed to be so in love with Rihanna and if that was the case why not practice some self control. Drake for the streets 🤦🏾‍♀️

  9. Smmfh! Ewwkkkkk soooo disgusting and soooo nasty ! Like Drake Smhh like I said before when you told us this way back when o wanna see how this unfolds

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