September 30, 2022

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22 thoughts on “Hot Takes 5/21/2020

  1. I like lil Kim and Nicki, but aside from image I don’t think they have anything in common. It’s obvious Kim paved the way for Nicki and others to be raunchy and that whole black Barbie thing. However, lyrically, Kim can’t see Nicki. Kim’s time has passed. Nicki doesn’t have to continually bow down to her. She paid her homage.

    1. Agreed lyrically, Kim can’t come at Nicki. She’s 5 flow dynamo for a reason. And agreed again Kim paved the way. My thing is why can’t they both just acknowledge if and do a track together. Queen and Queen…

  2. I ain’t a barb but it makes my blood boil when people keep saying Nicki has to pay homage to Kim – like mfckers are y’all blind, deaf and dumb!! How many fcken times does Nicki have to pay homage to Kim for y’all to finally stop saying that bs! Nicki has given credit where it’s due- she’s been doing it for years since she was on the come up!
    People saying she needs to “bow down” ..? To what? She surpassed Kim, there is no reason to bow! No one is dismissing that Kim paved the way cause she did but Nicki ain’t need to bow to no one and that’s on mfcking PERIODT!!

    1. Exactly like how many interviews does she have to do…and she thanks Lil Kim she says she has paved the way for her she has never not said otherwise…like move on already it’s the same damn narrative everytime.

    2. I have the same thoughts. I’m from Kim’s generation but damn, Nicki has paid homage to you girl. What more do you want from her? Let if go girl.

  3. Honestly the way these dudes set up I don’t blame sia. Its too much mixing fluids going on out here.

    Now I’m so over the nicki and kim thing its late and old. Lisa raye was annoying for that bow down comment like what! If kim would have been worried more about herself than biggie after death maybe just maybe she would really have a longevity legacy. I’m not even a fan of neither. I’m a fan of music but nicki doesn’t owe nobody nothing. That’s the difference when people think they so above others or the only one they miss they time.

    The future and russell thing is late and old too. I’m sure future respect him and appreciate him for doing something he can’t do and its ok. Baby future got two men he can bragg about. These kids really don’t be even worried its the adults that’s so press to ruin a child’s happy moments. Too many miserable people on the net.

    1. But what someone should tell Russ is he doesn’t need to address anything because one day baby future can turn on him and be right where big future at…so he just need to stay silent.

      1. I agree wholeheartedly. These are dead battles Lil Kim vs. Nicki & Russel vs. Future. I guess it keeps the public going…I had two fathers and neither ever competed, they just loved me. It made all the difference because my husband has the same temperament with our girls. I wish all girls/women had better men then these idiot ones would have less space to exist!

        Megan is just decompressing, getting some new dick. She can still go back home. Beside Brian needs to cry for a bit; he’s been a controlling asshole to her for a long time.

  4. Kim said her issue is she was giving props and throwing shots but what I don’t get is why can’t she do that that’s RAP. It’s a competition and everybody is coming for that top spot. Kim said herself there’s nothing they could do outside of business cause she feel Nicki isn’t real so what is the issue?? Sounds like she just bitter at this point

  5. Megan Fox going from her husband to MGK…I wouldn’t call that an upgrade nor a downgrade. But it’s a score for MGK.

    Lil Kim steady falling for the fake love, girl she surpassed you LONG TIME AGO. Don’t be fooled just because people done switched on her now, they ain’t coming back to you they moving forward. Nicki may be “done” to some people but you Kim are DONE done. And when the next chick gets switched up on you are gonna be DONE DONE done lol

  6. Lil Kim and Nicki beef is going to go on as long as Khia and Trina beef😭😭😭 Tired and through!!!

    1. Its a one-sided beef. Its kim and her fake friends that keeps it going. And its not even a beef because nicki don’t acknowledge kim. Now with khia and trina that’s beef for real

  7. White Sia the singer or Black Asia the rapper? Anyway that is a very good thing spiritually. I was abstinent for 2 years before I met my husband and we’ve been married for 20 years. If anyone wants a husband, they should definitely become abstinent and work it out with God and—— BAM! They married😘

    1. I agree. I have been celibate for quite a while. I never desired casual sex that is why I’ve always been celibate between boyfriends. I am hoping to meet future hubby someday!

    2. Wasn’t Ciara celibate for her whole relationship with Russell and they banged the wedding night for the first time?

  8. I definitely want Phaedra back and I know Kandi said she would leave if that happens, but we can do without Kandi. She boring and Cynthia and Eva can go too. Nobody cares about Cynthia’s boring relationship and all Eva knows how to do is get pregnant.

  9. I thought Phaedra lost her chances on ever coming back? I wouldn’t mind her coming back but she was boring also. All we ever saw Phaedra do was cook guacamole in her kitchen. Who will she film with? I wonder if Porsha will ride her ass now that she is up Tanya’s ass. I hope it’s not going to be any drama between her and Kenya again cuz that is old now unless Phaedra is gonna throw a divorce party for Kenya lol. Nene can go if you ask me.

  10. A new day a new beef. Poor Kim she just wants to be in the spotlight so bad. Kim has hard time accepting her glory days in music are gone.

    Megan Fox needs to be alone and get back to self. She is too pretty to settle for trash.

    Russell should just stay quiet. I am all for respecting the parents and their wishes(names to call the step parents/governing the kids) when they are present and active in the kids lives. But I believe Future isn’t active. He has too many kids with the same complaints from the moms, that he is absent, unless he screwing one of the moms again. Plus like I said, he got too many kids with too many different women in different households. I say step parents roll with the program of the actual parents and not over step. Russell just needs to do what he feels right when it comes to baby Future. And keep in mind the boy isn’t his. That way if baby Future ever flips, Russell can be prepared.

  11. Girl yes you was a rapper back then but to sit up here and not give Nic her due like come on. Her lyrics and flow like come thee hell on , 🙄🙄😳😳
    Megan is irrelevant, get a damn divorce.
    Russell Mr.SimpSaveAHoe

  12. I think it sucks that Nicki has to continuously be compared to someone who hasn’t had the same success as her. I think paved the way is such a strong statement, when they are so very different in rap style, personality, business success and chart statistics. If you compare sex appeal and image, that’s the mark of the beast, so that’s automatic. All women in music have to be sexy, fashion icons and set beauty standards. Nicki Minaj is who Kim was supposed to be. Why does she have to pay homage to other rap artists anyway? I get saying you were inspired or someone was a mentor to you early on, but to always have to equate ones success because of other people is just stupid at some point. It’s demeaning to her as an artist. That’s like saying everyone in every career field should constantly thank their predecessors. Music is her job. A job is a job. Some are just more successful and stay at it longer than others. Kim needs to bow down. She should blame Diddy for putting her in a position where she had to chose jail over her music.

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