October 3, 2022

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48 thoughts on “The Sacrifice of Kim Porter: We Finally Decoded Who is Responsible

  1. Well you did it again G! This is a great story and your perspective comes along with credible evidence!

  2. Excellent deduction I will always remember the look on Kimora’s face and that laptop and hard drives she holding.

  3. I always felt like he did it when it first happened smh so sad and evil! He act like he can’t get passed it/her!!

  4. I never doubted that he was involved. It’s the guilt that has been pulling at him and it shows. How could he? 😢

    1. Yes. Most definitely. His death does not sit right with me. The vigilant citizen wrote about it.

  5. Who wears a sweat shirt like that 😒? Well he has been giving the “ode to Kim” every few months and stays looking sad even when he tries to look happy. A guilty conscious will make you do thangs.

    1. Chillllllllleeeeeeee I SAID THIS EXACT THING. His profile pic was different BEFORE she died. Day she dies I go check his page- that’s when his pic changes to the pyramid over his eye. When u know u know

  6. I always believed he had something to do with her death. He is simply evil!!! And then to wear that sweatshirt is just SICK!!!

  7. And I believe at least one of the son was in on it. Maybe Quincy even though she isn’t his mom, he can still reap the benefits from her sacrifice. I mean even the daughters have gotten a boost in their modeling career since her death. Smh.

  8. Okay y’all explain why is it likely that Diddy did it but my question is what about her made him feel like it HAD to be her. What is your observation as to why it had to be her.We all new something was up with him but no confirmation.

    When the news of her death first broke there was a witness that saw diddy leaving Kim’s house. Than there was word that somebody slipped something in her water amongst a host of other things.

  9. But she was a model, so a bathing suit around his children isn’t a far stretch. They’ve probably seen more considering most of his kids are hers, so they see their mom.

    Also, she POSED for this picture, so how could it be used as a way to display he did it, because she’s on a cross? I’m usually with y’all and I do not deny the overall idea, but this shirt correlation to her death doesn’t make sense to me. But hey!

    1. You did read it right? I just said what she had on I had no problem with her having on a bathing suit SHE IS ON THE CROSS that makes the bathing suit even worse

  10. The fact that maybe a week or so prior to her death, Diddy profile pic was DIFFERENT. Day she dies, his profile pic is him a a heart over one eye- that’s when I knew he did it and it was a sacrifice.

  11. I’m so confused so please forget me. What did he get from scarficing her? I thought when one does this they gain from it. Seems like he been in the same position seen she has died. However I don’t know much…..

  12. I hate this bastard! Took her from her kids, they were all she had. This makes me so mad because I knew it was him but I needed it to be said 😢 This is too much 😞

  13. Not surprising. He actually said it on an interview at his party but no most didn’t catch it. I saw it online and I knew immediately what he ment and it made me very sad. That means that you don’t love your kids. If you did you would of never do this to them.

  14. I’m not surprised at all because Diddy is an evil and shady man. There’s a special place in Hell for him.

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