September 30, 2022

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11 thoughts on “Oh They Was Fuc…n?

  1. Chilee I just wnna know was it good dassit. Tremaine so nasty in his music & he just got this sex appeal ughhh he do sumn to me. I saw the sextape that leaked couple years ago but you can’t really tell from a couple second video.

  2. Want the cooch…take her to Lucky Strike’s lol but Angela yee giving it up to trey is no surprise…I bet she smashed August Alsina too cause she would DROOL drool when she interviewed him!

  3. I mean…who can blame Angela? A lot of us would have knocked down Trigga Trey if we had the opportunity.

  4. Trey Songz is probably the only good looking dude she ever been with because Angie got no taste in men

  5. Always got “they smashed vibes” from those two. Angela giggles like a school girl when Trey is around lol.

  6. Hahahaha. I KNEWWWWWW IT!!!!! These fools think they slick but that shit be all over her face. I remember when she first started Lip service he was one of the first guess and she was asking plenty of questions for self

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