October 4, 2022

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21 thoughts on “Hot Takes 5/18/2020

  1. Snoop Dogg is an OG in the rap game… now why is he getting caught up with these lames… wonder if Celina will end up missing or dead?

  2. Do Celina love snoop or something all the celebrities that she mess with why we keep hearing about snoop ? Is he the only one keep going back or what

  3. G i love u and all but I think the naomi shading rihanna is a reach. I get what went down between them and the shade that was exchanged on both ends but we’re years past that whole situation. If you follow naomi’s page long enough you’ll know she always posts different types of footage and archives based on her moods. Rihanna didn’t post anything shady towards naomi so why would naomi even direct shade towards rih at this point in time. The two have history yes, but I genuinely feel like this was just a regular post by naomi.

  4. French was talking all that shit about Young Thug and about hits yet is having money problems smh better call diddy

  5. Isn’t Miranda Lambert to that Police Officer? She’s already ready to divorce? Wow..

    I read somewhere a few years ago, that French made $70 million dollars from that album with that song unforgettable was on. Which I was surprised, since the album doesn’t have good songs on it.

  6. Bhad Babie is gonna be an industry pass around/escort/yachting by the time is 21 at this rate. This child has had ZERO positive guidance

    1. She fudged her age since Dr Phil SMDH all the child stars do it .
      She already 19 – 20 by now LMAO !

  7. Wow Brett lol!

    Snoop needs to stop. We all know he cheats. What he NEEDs to do is stop putting himself in stupid situations with Celina. I would say stop cheating, but that is like asking the sky not to rain with him 😥. And he needs to stop going back and fwd with that CHILD, Tekashi.

    French was doing all that talking about Pandemic exposing who is really broke, which is true, but ends up being one of the casualties… Tragic in deed 😥😂.

  8. G, i love you but have to disagree with the Naomi shading Rihanna. If she wanted to shade her she would be posted up with Hassan not ASAP. Anyway, it that was the case then Naomi playing herself. Too old to be playing young girls game. It would seem immature on her part.

  9. I nevee seen any tape but perhaps ray j tape is the best because he is the only one that is teuly into women. I feel like its ALOT of DL men in the industry.

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