October 3, 2022

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11 thoughts on “Hot Takes 5/18/2020

  1. Um Skittle Boy, the only thing you need to be worrying about is staying for those same people you snitched on to get your butt outta jail will come out and send your butt to the Upper Room.

  2. Now Naomi I know you looking for smoke….now if Rih come for you and what’s left of those taco meat edges don’t get mad….Darling 🍿

  3. 69 is imploding. I think the feds and industry will let him go down the route of Sammy the bull. They used him but eventually set him up to end up in jail again. They’re perhaps creating scenarios to make him snap. In a week he has beef with bonafied global stars… this won’t end up well for him in the end.

    They’re letting him be his own demise. And he’s too dumb to get it. It’s funny cause you can actually see how naive and immature he is. He’s not about that life at all.

    Evelyn Lozada must be somewhere laughing at Carl’s latest issues.

  4. I understand where 69 coming from but, Ariana been out here skng and Fkng at a very young age with these Hollywood and Music executives. So of course their gonna choose her over a snitch🤷 Not saying it’s right at ALL 😠 but while to you was bussing tables she was bussing it open. A sad reality for these child stars 😥

  5. 69 had a point tho, he was like yo I come from nothing and you basically were given everything SHE CHOSE to fuck and suck who she needed to, but she wasn’t sleeping in a one bedroom 500 Sq ft apartment. THAT’S real shit

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