October 4, 2022

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13 thoughts on “Sugar Around The World

  1. I thought Carl would know better since his income puts him in a league of the elites. Thats if he still has that baseball money still, or was he down with it?

  2. I knew when I read that shit happening at Carl’s home that he must have signed “that” contract and since Meg has blown up he has to pay to the piper.

  3. Im sorry they died but my god Why bring a 5 y/o to an adult gathering if u knew you wanted to drink & smoke??

  4. Um Kay, clearly a sacrifice, all I’ll say for that, 69 is a 🐀 but it’s the pit callin the kettle black when the rappers can’t stay faithful to wives and girlfriends, why is every other race obsessed with us and the N word even during a pandemic?! Pathetic at this point. Megan F for the skreets, Kev G is trash and so is his music with his tiny cheating 🍆, & what’s wrong with Nate with Meg? She let g-easy kiss on her so why not him? She has a good body but her face isn’t to pleasant can’t be to picky.

  5. Oh, that last story is scary and sad asf. I hope his gf and children stay safe. Good for the NFL for keeping them safe.

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