October 3, 2022

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27 thoughts on “Heaven Hollywood Running Off at The Mouth

  1. I feel so bad for Ashanti she was definitely caught in the middle on many things. I respect Joe always liked his demeanor and when he does interviews he always has the best stories.

  2. Obama is on those damn indictments. Hell, I found out some crazy ass shit about Barry Hankerson.

    1. Hey!! Do tell! I’m sick of Barry Hankerson lying ass. Remember he said Aaliyah songs would be available in January 2020? They are no where!!! Ugh! And how you been doing?

      1. Busy and got to get another round of steroid injections for my spine. How are you doing?

      2. Peep this shit. Barry was a politician back in the day and as well as a lawyer. See, aaliyah was already doom from the start. See, Barry and Obama are real tight. In fact, Barry endorsed mad money into Obama’s presidency. Had not Aaliyah died, she would have been the person to performed at the inaugural ball and service the president at the Watergate. Also, Barry did played a very small part in his niece’s death. His sister had surgery on her eyes. Aaliyah’s dad was with her. Rashad was in Japan. So, where was Barry to fly with her knowing damn well she didn’t like planes?. Barry could have went with her. Just like he could have warned R. Kelly’s victim Lizette Martinez about R. Kelly. Barry Hankerson ain’t shit because he knows he had fucked up. And as far as for Obama? He’s fucked too.

    2. OH MY!!! SMH! I’m doing alright working and studying for my certification in HR. I hope you’re better soon. I know those injections are a pain!! I hate you have to go through that!

      1. I will get the second round on the 29th and God knows they hurt! I will be in the bed for 6 days! It takes me that long to recover.

  3. Can you explain the whole audit thing he mentioned when talking about billboard? Do you think something will happen to him for calling out billboard on their shadiness?

  4. I’m confused. Beyoncé didn’t promote the record because it wouldn’t benefit her, yet, she plans on starting an OnlyFans account to exclusive stuff. Bey name dropping a platform that Jay has stock in AND one that she plans on getting for exclusive content isn’t a benefit to her?

    1. Their assets are frozen. Both of them are on Jeffrey Epstein’s list. House arrest and no Adrenochrome for them.

  5. I had this strong feeling Beyonce was going to be involved with OnlyFans in some way. I’m just shocked that BEYONCE of all people would stoop that low smh. Also why even do the Meg record smh they are setting that girl up for failure. Why pull the porno content when that’s what the site was known for anyway? Because more people and Celebs are coming to it?

    1. When you think about it, its not low for her it’s exactly what she been wanting to do. In my opinion. idk why everyone keep thinking she above so many others. You see how kelly on ig talking about sex toys and sex and stuff. These people showing what they really want. Beyoncé just like her husband shit on people that have done stuff before them because they’re late and still worried about an image.

  6. Am I the only one who when I hear the word “only fans account” I think of porn or something sexual expletive? I mean that is basically how it got known right? A new fly under the radar way to escort/prostitute. So Beyonce is also that hard up that she will use a platform most famous for porn/prostitution to show never before seen stuff and make money. Lawd pandemic continues to EXPOSE.

    1. Oh you don’t know? When that list go exposed and due that sponsors Oprah’s projects and other things, they were on Jeffrey Epstein’s list! G had put that list up on them weeks ago. Anyway, Jay and Giselle are on that list too. Trump was the one that started sending out indictments and had their accounts frozen. They are on ankle bracelets too. The coronavirus thing is mostly 5G radiation that is making people sick as a dog! I had radiation before so. But yeah, Trump is bringing they asses down because he doesn’t like to see kids being kidnapped, raped, sell off, etc…And since these celebrities are on house arrests, they can’t go anywhere to kill a kid to get a hold of andrenochrome.

      1. Just WOW 😮. Well Mr. President needs to add himself to that list because I don’t believe for a second that President Orange isn’t guilty of those same crimes.

      2. T.H.I.S.👏🏿 is the best explanation of all this mess. I pray you’re recovering well, rest up. 💪🏿

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