October 4, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Word Has it 5/14/2020

  1. It’s not like it’s not true tho. He does mess with underage girls. It’s a lot out there.

  2. I wonder what he did to make them come after him or is it just an extortion attempt from that particular website. And wonder about him now that he has a child, the devil may want his due!

  3. Y’all can keep saying it’s a setup if u want to but that nigga BEEN texting underage ass girls idgaf!

  4. Good i can’t wait until the golden boy drake gets exposed everyone babies and d**k ride drake way too much for me like he’s perfect

  5. As soon as I saw that mess I said and so the set up/take down begins.

    Drake needs to wise up. He needs to cross every t and dot every i and shake his friends tree to drop some bad low hanging fruit. Stop screwing shady women with nothing to lose.They are gunning for ole boy.

    Say what you want but the Adonis/Sophie sabotaged confirmation/reveal may not have been the “bullet” that took him out, but it put some chinks in his armour. Since then no matter how big or small the accusations has been non stop. Drake better watch his back.

    1. It felt that low hanging fruit.. facts he needs to clean house and leave some poison ☠️ for those rats 🐀

  6. I think the industry is trying to push drake into settling down, controlling where he goes & who with? I’m sure drake is aware that his own people are to blame for most of these rumours in general.

  7. Drake might want to get into what looks like a serious relationship asap to maybe help downplay the underage accusations.

  8. Well you guys right about him having scandals coming out around his album date👁👁. I can’t believe she had a abortion & brought a gym with the money.

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