September 30, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Hot Takes 5/13/2020

  1. Doja probably really does want women to stop being catty in hip hop cause it doesn’t need to be that way. There is nothing wrong with friendly competition. But knowing the industry likes to profit off of female beef and fans love drama even though they act like they want unity…chicks still gonna be catty. Sadly just how women are.

  2. Kudos to No Hungry Child not accepting dirty money.

    Smh I’m not surprised by Tristan at all I can’t even feel sorry for Koko

  3. I thought Tristan stopped cheating on mr Khloe
    Erica said she’s just doing it to invest in stocks She and safaree are very rich. She said her daughter already has a college fund and we’re hating

  4. I thought i was dreaming when i saw people talking about Tristan. They were going in on khloe. Smh let them ppl do them

  5. I mean technically if he did father a baby Khloe can’t be mad all she’s been saying for the past year is how they aren’t together lol soooooooo yeah idk 😂

  6. Tristan having yet ANOTHER child and water is wet 😂. This time around they can’t pin the blame on anyone but Tristan. It is one thing to let your family, friends, and neighborhood see you constantly dealing with Trash, but the WORLD is a different ball game. Especially when you went for the jugular the last time you caught him and he come back doing the same thing again. Khloe needs to be shame 😂😂.

    Doja, only in a perfect world sweets… Only in a perfect world 🌎.

    Tekashi… Shut up 😒.

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