September 30, 2022

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40 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes: The Industry Wants To Make Doja Cat The Female Drake

  1. It’s crazy by next year people wont really remember Megan and Lizzio. That’s how the industry works. One minute your their favorite in your on top, next someone new comes alone and like a switch there on top and you’re forgotten.

  2. I like Doja Cat & I’m happy she’s getting recognition. Her album is really good & underrated. Say So to me didn’t need a remix but if that was the push it needed to go #1 so be it. I hope it stays #1 a few weeks

    I don’t care for “Savage” & I don’t get the hype around it & it’s hard to take B seriously anymore who worked so hard on a cookie cutter image now on a remix of a song “rapping” about “Onlyfans” & demons.

    B’s clout chasing for a #1 1st w/Ed Sheeran & now w/Megan is so obvious & try hard. She’s over ppl saying she hasn’t had a hit since “Single Ladies” yet refuses to make the music that made her successful in the 1st place.

    Like why not put that energy into making good music again instead of copying Riri’s writers/producers that doesn’t translate wll w/B’s sound it core audience

    Her best album is still her 1st album & the only album of hers I can listen to all the way through without skipping & the Destiny’s child stuff.

    Was Riri being petty promoting Savage Fenty shortly after the Billboard Charts were released. I found it funny but it probably was simply a coincidence

    I don’t care for Lizzo’s music but I’m not surprised the Jewish ran industry only wants fairskin or “passable” pop stars like a Whitney, Janet etc. to shine & will otherwise put their money behind Doja Cat

    1. Y’all keep saying it didn’t need a remix when in all actuality it did which will make say so from hot pink album be more greater

  3. This is blowing my mind because I’ve been feeling like this all weekend. When I found out she was half Jewish instantly knew what was up and said to myself they bout to make her like drake lol yes G your got my mind so powerful with this industry 😂😂

  4. The way Doja blew up I knew she was on their radar. Especially after the juicy remix. She has everything they want and is very talented producing her own tracks and shit. Once Say So came out and I saw how versatile she really was I’m sure they did too and with the recent success it’s was inevitable.

  5. Why are they so done with Lizzo already after having her do all those humiliation rituals? Public perception or they just tired?

  6. So they are done with Cardi for real cause I thought she was the top bitch and they expected her album to do numbers? Sorry for so many questions and comments!

  7. I figured this was the big test for her to go against Megan to see who will win. I heard she has nicki old managers as well and you can see that their branding her like young Nicki with the pink hair etc. This seemed like a pass the torch situation for Nicki. I think Nicki is ready bow out as long as it’s not to cardi.

    1. No nicki ain’t ready bow out she is has only begun. Nicki will always be the queen of rap. Doja will be the flower child of rap

  8. That’s crazy. Not surprising tho. I feel like people were so easy to forgive Doja because she’s used that word multiple times.

    1. She has said alot of stuff and gotten away with it, she dont even have to apologize too hard.

  9. Dang if they wanna make her a female drake wouldn’t that count as a set up for deactivation on drake part? Kinda like how Beyoncé deactivated Michael Jackson with her mega stardom…if they want Doja to be a female drake wouldn’t that be in the same ballpark? Or different since those Jewish ties come into play for both drake and Doja?

    And who knows maybe Doja can be the common denominator to make drake and Nicki finally cut the BS and make amends even if only for business. Just so nicki can have a power player in her corner so she won’t be too iced out of music. Ugh.

  10. Lizzo been doin this a long time and just when she finally started to shine this happens. I’m really not surprised because it seems like a lotta people just don’t like Lizzo’s personality, and constantly call her thirsty. I like Doja Cat too, it’ll be interesting seeing how her career does after all this.

  11. Rock Nation thought that the BeyHive 🐝would beat the Barbs 🦄🤣🤣🤣 who worked overtime for this record to go No1. Meg needs to change her stylist and tone down on the raunchiness. I am still rooting for theestallion 🐎

    1. What’s funny is Doja Cat used to be w/Roc Nation & they didn’t know what to do w/her. More & more I believe LA Reid is responsible for Rihanna & not Jay-Z

  12. It’s not surprising, I’m rooting for Doja Cat, she’s really creative! I figured Lizzo would get the plug pulled on her, she’s 32 years old and if they deactivate them at 35 like y’all said, then she really don’t have that much time.

  13. No surprise Cardi and Meg are to ghetto Lizzo doesn’t have the look Doja has the whole package she writes creates beats can sing rap dance has a good personality and can do hard rap and pop rap. I can see Doja doing what nicki did become a worldwide wide super star.

  14. I knew Meg wasn’t going to hit mainstream like that. She sounds way too hood and raunchy to go mainstream and stay there. She doesn’t have it to hold it down like Nicki did. I’m over Lizzo, she’s hela thirsty for attention the same way all of the IG thots are. I think that didn’t help her image at all, people didn’t take to that very well and she forces it on everyone.

  15. Doja Cats song is so pop and she is super cute! I have been waiting for her to blow up. I didn’t understand why Megan was all the rave when Doja Cat is way cuter and sounds more mainstream.

  16. And just like that, they get moved out the way. These artist do all the evil crap and they never stick around…especially in today’s music climate. Everybody was REALLY thinking Lizzo and Meg would take over. But here enters Doja. I promise all the 💩 they do for the Elites isn’t worth it.

    I REALLY like Doja, but it is clear she’s about to go full steam ahead with this and do what the Elites say. I expect changes and not good ones. The same way they did Lizzo. Soon as Lizzo start listening to them and being “down”, her confidence went to being annoyance. I hate to see it for Doja.

  17. I can totally see this! Totally. Meg is too ghetto, raunchy and brown (by industry standards), cardi’s ghetto ignorant loud routine is TIRED and she can’t rap. Lizzo? No and she played herself with the extra raunchiness. Was sooo not necessary with her talent. Doja is the one. I want to see her and Rihanna on a track.

  18. Say so song makes me want to go shopping and treat myself.

    Only part i like in savage remix is “ please don’t get me hype write my name in ice” … i bet jayz aint think doja was going to be this big.

  19. I can definitely see this happening. Doja got it!

    Crazy how much they were pushing Lizzo and now they will forget about her. Gizelle’s verse wasn’t enough to buy Megan more mainstream clout?

  20. G, what happens to Meg now that Doja will be the new “It” rap girl – since she’s managed by Roc Nation? Now Meg should’ve had an LP out by now and she needs to get back with her earlier producers (from Tina Snow). Lizzo – the thirsty antics was just too much. Cardi, Cardi, Cardi – you may have waited too long and now that ship may have sailed.

  21. Nicki actually been putting in some great verses on her guest appearances. Not a big fan of hers, but Doja’s has an appeal with can push her in the mainstream music.

  22. When i heard doja cats album in November i knew she was going to be the IT girl, it’s hard for me to listen to an album with no skips. Her album literally had no skips for me it was a whole vibe, she sounded different on every song.

  23. It’s Doja this year… Who is itgit to be next year? The music industry is so fickle and fake.

    2018- Cardi B
    2019-Lizzo and Meg
    2020-Doja Cat
    2021- ?

    Either way, this is great for us to see all these women putting out great music. I’m here for it.

  24. Good 4 Doja! She’s more versatile than any of the new female rappers out. I love Meg and City Girls but it seems they’re only limited to releasing summer hits & “pussy poppin” anthems 🤷🏿‍♀️

  25. I don’t think this will cause a rift with Nicki, at least I HOPE not, because even with all the issues, it still seems like Drake and Nicki and family and will always have love for each other. I also heard a rumor about Wayne signing Doja with Young Money, to more so take Nicki’s place. That would be even better, so Nicki could really show her the ropes.

  26. Yesss I been saying this you can tell they love her. Her music is really good and she’s versatile and tbh she’s the only one out rn that can top Nicki’a music

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